Ziro Valley : The Hidden Paradise in Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro Valley : The Hidden Paradise in Arunachal Pradesh

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Ziro Valley 

Ziro valley is a picturesque eastern Himalayan town in Arunachal Pradesh offering stunning landscape surrounded by deep green forests and hills. Calmness of this little town makes it a peace seekers and nature lovers paradise.

Roads in Ziro valley

Ziro is located in Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh. It is around 115 Km from the state capital Itanagar & is situated 1500 m above the sea level.

Ziro Valley

Ziro is the home of Apatani tribe. They are friendly people with an interesting culture and legacy. Apatani women were considered to be the most beautiful among the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. And to protect them from the men of the other tribes, Apatanis started a custom of tattooing woman’s faces and made them wear large nasal plug to make them unattractive.

Apatani tribe in Ziro

Apatani Tribe in Hong Village

One of the major Apatani village is Hong vilalge. Houses in these villages are made of bamboo. Each house has a huge stove in the middle; they sleep just near it to keep themselves warm. To visit these villages one should take a local guide. Paddy cum fish cultivation is another attraction in Ziro. The sowing begins in the month of February and the harvesting is done in October. And the rearing of fish starts in May and is harvested in July to September.

Paddy field in the month of February

Hong Village

In April 2014, Apatani Cultural Landscape has been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Apatani child in Ziro Valley

Some of the other famous places in Ziro are Tarin Fish Farm, Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Kile pakho, Dolo Mando, Shiva Linga at Siddheswarnath Temple etc.


From here talley valley trek starts

Way towards Sidheswarnath Temple

How to reach Ziro:

The nearest railway station is Naharlagun and North Lakhimpur. From Guwahati, there is a train named ‘Donyi Polo Express’ which departs from Guwahati every day at 9.20 P.M. and reaches to Naharlagun next day at 4.55 A.M. Another train is there from Kamakhya station which is approximately 7 km from Guwahati, named ‘Kamakhya-Murkongselek Lachit Express’ which departs every day from Kamakhya station at 8.30 P.M. and reaches to North Lakhimpur next day at 4.10 A.M.

Trailing around Ziro Valley

From Naharlagun or North Lakhimpur, you will get car/shared cab to Ziro. It will take approximately 4-4.5 hours to reach Ziro. The road towards Ziro is good up to Potin. From Potin to Ziro, the condition of the road is not so good (I had visited during February, 2017). But the road development work was going on and we can hope that the road condition will be good very soon.

Ziro valley in winter


One needs an Inner Line Permit to enter Ziro valley. The permit can be obtained online from Arunachal Predesh Inner Line Management System. Or, one can obtain it from Naharlagun or, North Lakhimpur station.

Best time to visit:

The weather here is mild throughout the year. But the post monsoon months are the best time to visit lush green rice fields. Also September is the time for famous Ziro Music Festival.

Ziro Valley


#Dree Festival: 

The festival, a part of Apatani culture of Arunachal Pradesh, is celebrated to appease these Gods so as to avoid famine in the society. Dree festival falls during the month of July each year and is connected with the cultivation of rice. During the festival, every household prepares the local beer “Apong” and performs cleaning of houses and its surroundings.

Mithun, the state animal of Arunachal Pradesh

# Ziro Music Festival:

One of the famous outdoor music festivals in India. It started in 2012. And it takes place in September every year.

# Butterfly meet:

It’s a unique festival for butterfly lovers. It takes place around September every year.

# Myoko festival:

The Myoko festival is one of the most widely known and glorious festivals of the tribal people of Ziro. People believe that this festival increases and strengthens the bond of the family members, blesses people with fertility and wealth.

Places to stay:

There are numbers of hotels and homestays available in Ziro. Siiro Resort, Hotel Blue Pine, Ziro Palace Inn, Ziro Valley Resort are some of the name of the hotels. Homestays are also very popular in Ziro. Some famous names among them are Ngunu Ziro Homestay, Abasa Homestay etc.

Siiro Resort

In Siiro Resort

We had stayed in Siiro resort. The location of the resort is awesome. It is around 2-3 km from the main market area and completely secluded from noise. The manager and the staffs are very courteous and helpful. Room rates are ranged from Rs. 1200-3500. Among the rooms, Pinewood suit is the most popular one. The foods served in the restaurant attached with the resort are also excellent.

Contact of Siiro Resort:

Ph. No. – 8014050952, 9862550269
E-mail – siiroresort12@gmail.com

Winter in Ziro Valley

Ziro mesmerizes everyone with its scenic beauty. It is also a great place for adventures like trekking, jungle camping, and wildlife exploration. So, if one wants to spend a few days with his/her loved ones in peace or, wants some adventure in life, Ziro will not disappoint anyone for sure.

This content is written by Mrs. Anindita Barui. She is a Housewife. Though she loves to travel various parts of India, she has an affinity for North-east part of India. The photographs used in this blog has been clicked by herself and by her husband.


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