Thailand Travel Guide For 2020

Thailand Travel Guide For 2020

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Thailand is a beautiful country. One may visit Thailand for beautiful nature, beautiful islands, beautiful hills, rich lifestyle and many more. But I personally like to visit Thailand for its beautiful islands and beaches. That’s why I love to visit Krabi, Phi Phi, Phuket, Koh lipe, Koh Lanta. If you will compare beauty of Thailand with Indian destinations. It is quite similar to Andaman and Niccobar island. Both Andaman and Niccobar island and Islands of Thailand is situated on Andaman sea. So the beauty of sea beaches are quite similar. You may read about Andaman here.

Where to go in Thailan?

There are tons of places where people may visit for different purpose. One will find beautiful sea beaches at the southern part. Beaches and Islands like Krabi, Phi phi, Phuket, Koh lanta, Koh lipe is situated there. You will find green rolling hills at North part of Thailand. Places like Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai is very popular for its beautiful hills. If you are looking for lifestyle and nightlife then Bangkok, Pattaya is ideal place for you.

How many days require?

Thailand can be covered starting from 4days to as long as you wish to stay here. In my opinion you need at least 8days if you really want to enjoy this beautiful country. In 8days you may select any alternative place you like to visit.

Itinerary for 8 days
So you are going to plan Thailand trip for 8 days. Then here is my suggested itinerary for you.
Day 1: Reach Krabi. Check in your hotel at Ao Nang beach. Explore Ao nang beach, Railey Beach, Night stay at Ao nang beach.
Day 2 : Whole day sight seeing to Hong Island, Hong lagoon, Pak bia island, Paradise island. Back to Ao Nang at evening. Spend your time at Night Market.
Day 3 : Leave Ao Nang beach and reach Phi Phi by big boat. Check in your hotel. Explore la ladim beach and Ton Sai beach on your foot. Take some rest at hotel. At afternoon visit Phi Phi view point for watching sunset. Return back to phi phi. Enjoy night life, night market.

Day 4 : Start for whole day snorkelling trip. Starting from shark point, bamboo island, moneky beach, Maya Bay, Mosquito island and many more. Enjoy beautiful sunset from boat. Enjoy snorkel at night for watching bioluminescent plankton.
Day 5 : Leave Phi Phi and reach Phuket by big boat. Check in your hotel at Patong Beach. Walk around Patong beach. Then visit dolphin show. Enjoy night life at Bangla road.

Day 6 : Whole day Phuket sightseeing visit Karon beach, kata beach, big buddha temple. Night at Phuket.
Day 7: Leave Phuket reach Bangkok by flight. Whole day in Bangkok do your shopping here. Visit all the shopping malls including indra square, siam mall, paragon mall. Enjoy night life.
Day 8 : Start early reach Damnoen saduak floating market, enjoy the market. Witness train market at Maeklong railway station. Back to Bangkok. Pack your luggage and head forward airport for return back to your home county.


Visa process and required documents

Thai visa is available in multiple ways like Single entry visa, Multiple entry visa, transit visa, business visa. Currently visa on arrival is available for Indians. For Thailand trip I will suggest to go for single entry visa. If you are planning for multiple country trip with your Thailand trip then you should go for multiple entry visa.

Visa on arrival is available for single entry visa permit for Indians but remember visa on arrival is a time taking matter so keep ample time while visiting any port of Thailand like Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Trang, Surat Thani. Specifically if you are entering Thailand through Subarnabhumi Airport or Don Muang airport then keep at least 3-4 hours in hand for the visa on arrival process. Keep in mind you have to do your visa at entry port of a country if also you have a connecting domestic flight.

For visa on arrival for Indians, you need to present following documents
1. Passport which should have at least 6months vapidity and 2 pages left.
2. Two recent passport size photographs(size 4.5×3.5 and 80% face coverage).
3. Confirm up and down tickets.
4. Confirm hotel booking slip.
5. 10000 thai bhatt per person or 20000 thai bhatt per family along with money exchange receipt or credit card statement where withdraw limit is mentioned.
6. Complete itinerary.
7. Completely filled up Visa application
8. Arrival card (server in flight)

Want to know more about Thai visa read it.

Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island, Thailand

How to book cheap flight tickets for Thailand

If you are looking for cheap flight ticket then AirAsia is the best airlines to serve your purpose. AirAsia offers cheap flight tickets two times in a year. In that time if you are lucky enough you have a chance to get a flight ticket with in Rs. 1000. Yes you read it correctly it’s Rs 999. Want to know how? Read this. But this is not happened every time. Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Visakhapatnam these are the three Airports from where one can get cheap flight tickets for Thailand. The regular fare for Bangkok is around 5000 for one way. In my opinion Indigo is quite good in this purpose. In case you are traveling with AirAsia keep in mind they don’t allow to carry free luggage more than 7kg.

Few tips for getting cheap flight tickets
1. Always plan well in advance.
2. Always turn your browser to incognito mode while searching for flights.
3. Try to search only after mid night.
4. Use wego app for price comparison.
5. Try to go for direct flights.

Money exchange process

1Thai Bhatt = 2.4 (+/-) Indian Rupee.
It may vary, so before going to buy Thai bhatt always check the price from Internet. You may visit any resistered currency exchange shop for money exchange. I will suggest you to go for reputed company like Thomas cook, Expedia. Before going to the exchange counter always ask for best price. Try to avoid weekend and month ending as price remains higher side during weekend and month ending. Always carry your passport in original and pan card while going to exchange money. After exchange always ask for receipt. Try to carry this receipt while going to Thailand.

How to book hotels

Booking dot com is the best site from where you can book your hotel or hostels. Always search for location, use map for hotel location. Always read reviews first. Never ignore negative reviews. Look for photographs in booking dot com as well as in Google.
I am sharing a list of good hotels for you in booking dot com using all possible filters I always used. You may book your hotels from here with out any second thought.

Phuket or Krabi which one is better?

See both Phuket and Krabi are beautiful, both these places have beautiful beaches, both places are surrounded by wonderful nature, one may enjoy vibrant night life at both places. Then what is the difference? Yes there many difference between Phuket and Krabi.
In my opinion Krabi is more beautiful, virgin. Krabi is less crowded so many parts of Krabi are still unexplored. Night life of Krabi is descent. On the other hand Phuket is very crowded, all the beaches remain full of tourists throughout the day. Bangla road is the most happening place for party animals.


Phi Phi day trip or night stay

Phi phi is the most beautiful island of southern Thailand. This place can be reach both from Phuket and from Krabi. But krabi is the nearest one. Phi phi can be visit for a day trip from Phuket and Krabi. Most of the Indians do that but if you can stay in phi phi instead of day trip it worth every Penny. Phi Phi is really a beautiful place. Phi phi offers lot of activities. You may go for snorkelling, may go for hiking, may go for rock climbing, may go for a swim with shark and bioluminescent plankton. So I will definitely suggest you to stay 2nights at Phi Phi. I enjoyed every bit of it during my stay.

What to eat

You will get everything in Thailand. You will get Indian foods( mostly Punjabi and South Indian foods) also you will get food of other countries as well as Thai local foods. But keep in mind Indian foods are relatively costly through out Thailand. One single Indian dish will cost around 200 thai bhatt.

Thai foods are generally cheap. So you may go for Thai food in every where. Thai foods are starting from 50 bhatt. I will suggest you to try Banana Pan cake and coconut ice cream in Thailand. These are really mouth watering. If you are looking for cheap foods then you may try ready to eat food from 7 eleven stores. Lots of 7 eleven store are there in every places. If you are looking for any kind of drinks you will get it at 7 eleven store in cheaper price. Always try to buy water from 7 eleven.

How to book local activities

In every places of Thailand lots of local tour agencies are there. You may book local sightseeing from them. But before booking you should ask them regarding each and ever details of the tour. Ask if lunch, pick up -drop and national park fees are included or not. Ask them if there is any other extra fees or not. Ask them if snorkel mask and fin are included or you have to pay extra for that. You may book all of your sightseeing and activities well in advance. I booked everything from Klook. They are very much reliable and budget friendly. If you want to book your trip from Klook you may sign up using my referral coupon code. You will get a minimal amount in your account if you sing up through this link.

What to buy

Thailand is a ideal destination for shopaholic . You can buy all kind of dresses, perfume, toffies, toiletries and many more things from here. Don’t forget to buy local thai soaps.

Lagoon at Thailand


How to make Thailand trip on budget

There are lots of way in which you can save your money while you are in Thailand. I am here sharing one by one .
1. Try to book your flight well in advance or at the time there is a sale going on.
2. Try to stay at hostels instead of Hotels
3. Try to use local transportation instead of booking a taxi.
4. Try to use local ferries.
5. Try to eat local street food or ready to eat food.
6. Try to carry your own water bottle and refill it from your hostel.
7. Use long tail boast instead of big boat For sightseeing. But sometimes it may not be the right decision if you have vomiting tendency. So before booking think about the matter twice.
8. Use share car or sharing trip.

How to get sim card

You will get tourist sim card at everywhere starting from Airport, Bus station, shopping mall. You just have to present your passport. They will activate it in front of you and will insert the sim in your phone. If you want you may book sim card in advance from klook.

Local transportation

You will get local transportation in every places. Share van, buses are there. Specifically if you are Bangkok you will get BTS, Metro and Airport link rail. If you want to travel by taxi you may use grab. Grab is the most convenient app based taxi service. You will find local taxis but always try to stick in actual meter reading. Tuktuks are available in most of the places. But before hiring a tuktuk always ask for fare.

Approximate budget

Well Thailand is relatively budget friendly country. You will get all kind of facilities according to your budget. Northern part of Thailand is cheaper than southern part and bangkok.


You will get cheapest guest house at Northern Thailand. A guest house will cost you nearly 200 bhatt (INR 450) if you are staying at countryside on the other hand a guest house will cost around 400 bhatt (INR 950) if you are staying at a city like Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chaiang Mai. A guest house with air-conditioned and nicer room and will cost around 600 bhatt (INR 1150) if you will visit islands like Krabi, Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Koh Lipe. Big resorts in the island will start from around 1400 thai bhat(INR 3400) a night. A dormitory room will cost around 150-200 thai bhat depending on the locations. Dormitory or shared rooms are generally well cleaned but you have to share your bathrooms with others.

Keep in mind fan rooms are always on cheaper side but the country like Thailand is hot and humid in every seasons. In Thailand you may book your accommodation from online booking websites like booking dot com, agoda. These sights offer various discounts that’s why booking an accommodation from online is way cheaper than booking directly. In my personal experience in case of direct booking owners generally don’t negotiate unless you are staying for a long term.


Local street foods in Thailand are really cheap, it will start from 20 THB (INR 45). If you really want to eat something that will fill you will cost around 50-80 THB (INR 125 to 190) for a meal. If you stick to local street food it will cost around 150-200 THB (INR 350-450) per day. Indian foods are available at all the places but these are really costly. An average Indian dish like planner masala, palak panter will cost around 150 THB (INR 350). Western dishes are also costly here. A dish like burger, pizza will cost you around 150-350 THB (INR 350-900). Drinks are available widely in Thailand. A beer will cost around 60THB (INR 150 ) in regular restaurant. Bars are more expensive. But if you buy a beer from 7-eleven it will save your money. A ready to eat meal in 7- eleven will cost around 30-50 THB ( INR 65 – 120). If you want to go for fancy dining it you cost you on higher side.

As Thailand is a tourist oriented country it always pricey to have Indian or western food over Thai food. Taste of indian food or Thai food is not that much of teasty what you have your own country. So better to skip these foods here. I mean you have come way long for travel not to taste some creepy foods. Am I right?


A normal day trip will cost you around 700-1200 THB ( INR 1700 – 2900). A big boat trip will cost around 1200-1700 THB ( INR 3000- 4200). A jungle trek will cost around 1200 – 1600 THB (INR 3000 – 4000). Most of the parks and museum will cost around 50-120 THB ( INR 120- 300). National park entry fees are on higher side for non Thai visitors, it will cost around 350-500 THB (INR 1000-1300). Long tail boats are relatively cheaper option but if you have vomiting tendency due to rough sea waves then better to skip it.

Always try to go with group it will allow you to bargain more and more. Try to compare price from online booking site like Klook. Try to book local trip from your hotel/ hostel reception desk. Generally each and every hotel in Thailand have tie up with local travel agencies. If first travel agency don’t negotiate with the price go the next one. But I will recommend you to always compare price in klook first.

Thailand Budget

Budget for Thailand Trip

What should be the budget of a Thailand trip

A normal budget Thailand trip will cost you around 700 -1000 THB ( INR 1700– 2500) per day. In this price segment you will get a clean room (fan only) with a shared bathroom, foods from the local street stalls and a couple of drinks including smoothie or beer. In this price you will get few local trip and local transportation.

If you spend around 1500 THB (INR 3600) per day you can get a descent AC accommodation, can hop around islands, can fly between places and can eat more delicious foods. The amount you will add more the tour will become that much of luxurious. If you want to spend your money more then sky is the limit.

How to save money in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country and relatively cheaper than other countries. But things like Island hopping, activities, alcohol will cut your pocket. If you want to enjoy Thailand with in budget then I have a few tips for you.

1. Travel like a local

The best and budget friendly way to travel in Thailand is live and travel like a local. Travel by local bus, eat local food, drink local drinks. If you stay at a cheap guest house and eat local street foods you may spend a day on ad much as 350 THB (INR 1000).

2. Eat street food or ready to eat food

Street food is the best option in Thailand to fill up you. Street food is safer in Thailand infact in many cases better than some of the restaurant. Just think about the local people. Do you know most of the Thai people pack their daily foods from street foods stall. If this is not safe then would Thai people pack it daily? Street food will cost you 1/3rd of what you pay at restaurant.

3. Take advantage of happy hours

In Thailand many restaurants offer good foods and drinks in a particular time, that is called happy hour. You will get 50% discount or a couple of drinks free with every bucket or a beer free if you buy two.

4. Always try to buy little things or drinks from 7- Eleven

Water or drinks are much cheaper than outside restaurants or bars. Try to buy water from here. It will save you roughly 20 THB ( INR 45) per day.

5. Stay in hostels

Hostels are much cheaper than any other paid staying option. A descent hostel will cost around half price of similar kind of hotels. Hotels are available in every places. You will get to meet lot of other people here from around the world. Don’t forget to bring your ear plug.

6. Couchsurf

Nothing is better if you can sleep for free. In couchsurf you will get to stay with local people and will get best local guides. But be careful before staying in a home of local.

Where to stay in Thailand

Looking for accommodation in Thailand, here are some of my favorite places to stay in Thailand. Just click on the given property it will redirect you to the best booking site.

Phi Phi Inn (Phi Phi)

Panmanee Hotel (Phi Phi)

Dee Dee Seafront (Phi phi)

J Mansion (Ao nang, Krabi)

Wake up Aonang (Ao nang, Krabi)

MyPatong guest house (Patong, Phuket)

Siam Square House (Bangkok)


How to stay safe

Thailand is a age country for every types of travellers. It may be solo, may be couple or may be family trip don’t try to do things which does not suits you. Do what you do at your home. Read about scams before entering Thailand and try to avoid those scams. But local people are helpful and generally don’t get into travel like people involved in sex tourism, drugs and alcoholic.

Scam to avoid in Thailand

1. Taxi over charged : This is a common Taxi scam of Thailand. They generally charged overpriced than meter or don’t want to go on meter. So before boarding on a taxi always be cautious. Try to use Google map or try to use app based taxi service.

2. Tuk Tuk scam : Don’t board on a Tuk Tuk before asking the price, otherwise you will pay a lot of more money.

3. Gem store visit : Generally taxi drivers or Tuk Tuk drivers try to offer or insist you to visit Gem stores and will tell you that if you visit there they will get some fuel coupon from them. But after visiting such store you will find all things are really overpriced and now if you don’t buy anything the driver with get angry on you and your trip will be spoiled. So if a taxi driver or a Tuk Tuk driver offers you to visit these kind of stores, before your trip tell him clearly that you will not visit any of the stores.

4. Asking to show you your native county’s bank notes : generally people from middle east get involved in this scam. In this scam one people will come to you and will start to talk to you regarding some interesting matter of your country. Then he will tell you that he is planning to visit your country very soon, so if you can show you some bank notes of your home country it will be very much helpful to them. They know very well that people generally keep all of his money together in his money parts. So when you will bring your parts to show the bank notes, other people standing nearby will also come to see your country’s bank note. And try to pass the parts one to another. In the mean time they will remove some notes from your parts and you can’t even understand.

5. Jet Ski Scam : If you are planning to go for a jet ski drive by yourself. Always try to inspect first if there is any broken parts. Otherwise you will have to pay a lot of money. Try to take video or photo at the present of the owner before renting a jet ski. If you find any broken part or even a scratch inform the owner. Otherwise you will rent jet ski and after ride back they will show you a crack and will tell you that you break it by accident and then they will charge you a huge money and if you denied they will call the police . And most of the cases police will take the local sides and will insist you to pay the money as they will get some bribe from this money.

6. Motorbike Scam : Like jet ski always take video of motor bike or scooty before renting it. Be careful never give your passport to bike owner as the security of the scotty or bike.

When to visit Thailand

The best time to visit Thailand is from November to March, this is the winter season in this country but still the temperature will remain averaging 29℃ in most of the places like Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, Phi Phi, yes these are the coolest months in this country. Keep in mind November to March is the peak time for tourist rush. But if you are planning to visit the northern part of the country during this months bring some warm clothing, as during winter temperature can drop quickly in evening.

April to June is extremely hot in Thailand. At the end of May generally monsoon hits the northern part of the country. July to October is rainy season. As the sea remain rough during this season people generally avoid to visit Thailand, so July to October is treated as low season in this country. Thailand faces heavy rainfall during July to August. Some times rain causes flood in several part of the country but in October weather start to getting better. You will get some shower in afternoon but in my opinion october is the good time to visit Thailand.

Best booking resources for Thailand

These are the companies I used for my Thailand trip. These are mentioned here because I find these companies offer world class customer service to their customers with great deals and they are overall better than their competitors. When I think about travel I always check them first for such great deals.

WEGO – One of my favourite booking site. I never book a flight with out checking here first. This site offers a large number of flight service including low cost Carrier. This site helps me to compare between flight price and select the best one. This site also offers to compare hotel prices. – This booking site helps me lot to book my hotels throughout Thailand. You can find wide range of accommodation of different budget in this site.

Klook If you want to book your activities then this is the best site I found. I booked all of my activities from there. If you are new in Klook join through my invitation link using my code to get few additional amount in your klook account. Use this code V6373W

12 go Asia – If you want to book bus ticket, train ticket or want to hire a car then 12 go Asia is the best option I found.


Best things to do in your 8days Thailand trip

1. Visit Damnoen Saduak Floating market from Bangkok

Thailand is rich for its culture. If you want to experience their culture from different angle then you should visit floating markets in Thailand. Damnoen Saduak is the biggest floating market in Thailand. You can roam around there by electric boats or motor boats. You can buy lots of local thai crafts and thai foods. Coconut ice cream is a must try thing here.

2. Go for a train ride to enjoy Meaklong railway market

Meaklong railway market is the world famous railway market for its uniqueness. Shopkeepers spread their stores across rail track and they keep the shops speeded over track until any train comes. While there is an announcement for coming train the shopkeepers start to wind-up their stores from the track and as soon as the train passes through the track they again spread their shops over track and surprisingly nothing get damaged during this session.

  1. Go for snorkeling trip in Phi Phi

Phi Phi is an island of south Thailand. This island is surrounded by turquoise sea and white sand. This place is ideal for experiencing snorkeling and water activities. Here you can find shark while snorkeling in shark point of Phi Phi. You will find lots of colourful fishes and corals around this island.

  1. Visit Maya Bay

Maya Bay is a famous island for the film ‘The Beach’. The Beach is starring Leonardo Dicaprio. This island is so beautiful that it’s pure bliss to mind and eyes.

Note: Now you cannot get down at Maya Bay as Maya Bay is closed for tourist. But you can still enjoy the view from a boat.

  1. Swim with Bioluminescent Plankton at night

Phi Phi is ideal place to watch Bioluminescence. At night if you go for a swimming with proper guide you will get to see bioluminescent plankton. In case if you are not aware of Bioluminescent Plankton you may read it from here.

  1. Visit Hong Island

Hong Island is a beautiful island situated near Krabi. This place is ideal for a day trip. Boat is the only option to reach here.

  1. Enjoy Dolphin Show

You can enjoy a fantastic dolphin show at Phuket. This show is one of the best shows in Thailand as well as in South East Asia.

  1. Enjoy Nightlife of Bangla Street

Phuket is famous for its beaches and night life. Bangla Street is the best place to enjoy night life in Phuket. If you are a party animal then you will surely love this place. There are lots of bars are situated at the both sides of the street. The main night activity starts after 9pm. The street remains full of people then.

Maya Bay Thailand

Maya Bay

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  1. Thailand Traveling Tips?
    Hello all! I am considering planning a honeymoon in Thailand. It will be at least a year from now, probably longer, so I have time. I just wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for hotels, websites, activities, etc. I love adventure – type trips: surfing, hiking, etc. I’m rather adventurous with food, activities, whatever. And I would love to truly experience the culture, not just the touristy parts. I just want to make this a fun trip where we get out and do stuff, as opposed to wondering about aimlessly staring at each other (we’ll do that at night!). Lol! Any tips, advice, experiences are greatly appreciated!

  2. Thailand is a beautiful country to explore on many occasions. Whether on a family travel, with friends, or on a honeymoon, every corner of Thailand is worth a try. I love the information I get from this post. Very useful and can be very helpful.



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