Tawang Travel Guide : Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang Travel Guide : Arunachal Pradesh

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Tawang Travel Guide : A paradise of Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang Travel Guide:

In this Tawang Travel Guide one will get all information related to Tawang tourist places and Tawang monastery and Tawang hotels. Tawang is a beautiful town situated between the border of Bhutan and China (China occupied Tibet) of Arunachal Pradesh. This beautiful town is surrounded by high hills, the glimpses view of Tawang Monastery can be seen all over the town.

Tawang Inner Line Permit: 

All tourists visiting Tawang or any part of Arunachal pradesh need an Inner Line Permit from Arunachal Prradesh Government. ILP can be obtained from online via Arunachal Pradesh ILP website.

Are you visiting Arunachal Pradesh? Here is a lit of things you should know before entering Arunachal Pradesh.

How to Reach Tawang: 

Tawanag can be reached from Guwahati (480km), the nearest rail head and Tezpur (325km), the nearest domestic airport. There is no railhead or airhead in Tawang. It will take nearly 12 hours to reach Tawang form Guwahati and 10 hours form Tezpur. It is advisable to stay one night in Bhalukpong or Bomdila, instead of going Tawang directly.

Tawang Local Sightseeing:  

Tawang Monastery:

Tawang Monastery situated in Arunachal Pradesh, is the largest monastery of India and 2nd second largest monastery in the world after the Potala Palace in Lasha, Tibet. This monastery is the collage of 17 gompas and 65 residential building. In Tibetan Tawang monastery is known as Golden Namgey Lhatse, which translate to Celestial Paradise in a clear night. It was founded in 1680-1681. Tawang monastery is the most preferred destination in Tawang Tourism.

Distance: 3km from Taxi Stand.

Ideal for: Family trip, Nature lover and Backpackers.

tour planner blog, tawang monastery, sunset

Tawang Monastery during sunset, Tawang Travel Guide

Tawang monastery inside tourplanner blog, Tawang Travel Guide


Tawang travel guide

Way to Tawang monastery, Tawang Travel Guide



Tawang travel guide

Top of Tawang monastery, Tawang Travel Guide


Tawang travel guide

Tawang monastery, Tawang Travel Guide


Tawang travel guide

Inside Tawang monastery, Tawang Travel Guide



Urgelling Gompa:

This is the birth place of sixth Dalai Lama in Arunachal Pradesh. This place is totally quite and deserted. The building has only stupas inside. Evidence of miraculous deeds and performance attributed to Tsangyang Gyastso (Sixth Dalai Lama) can be seen here even today.

Distance: 5km from Taxi Stand.

Ideal for: Family trip, Nature lover and Backpackers.

Tawang travel guide

Urgenling Gompa, Tawang Travel Guide


Tawang travel guide

Tawang travel guide

Tawang War Memorial:

This 40 feet high memorial is dedicated to the martyrs of the 1962 Sino-Indian war. This memorial locally referred to as the ‘Namgyal Chorten’ has names of 2420 dead soldiers’ written in golden coloured on 32 black granite plaques. This scenic location ensures that the tourists get a chance to soak in the pristine nature while admiring the deeds of Indian soldiers in Arunachal Pradesh. There is a space for amphitheatre, where light and sounds show performed every evening. Inside the war memorial one army personal describes the strategy of Sino-Indian war 1962 to tourists using maps and models.

Distance: 2km from Taxi Stand.

Ideal for: Family trip, Nature lover and Backpackers.

Show time: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 7:00 Pm in two slots.


Buddha Park:

Buddha Park is situated near Tawang circuit house of Arunachal Pradesh. A magnificent status of Lord Buddha is situated here, this can be seen from every corner of Tawang.

Distance: 2km from Taxi Stand.

Tawang Travel guide

Budha Park, Tawang Travel Guide


Tawang Travel Guide

View of Tawang Monastery from Buddha Park, Tawang Travel Guide

Chag-Zam Bridge:

Chang-Iron, Zam-Bridge, so chag zam means Iron Bridge. This is the oldest iron bridge in Arunachal Pradesh, situated over river Tasomg Chu. This iron chain suspension bridge is estimated to be almost 600 years old. Spaning more than 100meters across the Tawang River, it represents a rare & remarkable architectural achievement.

Distance: 25km from main market.

Tawang travel guide tourplannerblog

Chag-Zam Bridge, Tawang Travel Guide
P.C: mytawang


Tawang travel guide tourplannerblog

Chag-Zam Bridge, Tawang Travel Guide
P.C: mytawang

Dolma Lhangang:

Locally known as Dolma Park, is situated 47km away from Tawang towards Zemithang. This park is situated at Lumla Village of Arunachal Pradesh.


BTK waterfall (Bap-Tang-Kang Waterfall) :

Situated on the way through Tawang towards Zemithang,this wonderful waterfall has size of 100ft. BTK is situated in a picturesque paradise of lush green vegetation. The waterfall is located at Yumkhang.

Distance: 80km from Tawang.

Gorsam Chorten:

This 12th century stupa is situated at Zemithang of Arunachal Pradesh. This chorten is a part of Monpa tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. This is the 2nd largest stupa after Nepal, with the height of about 100ft. It lies at the valley floor on the bank of Namjang Chu River. The door of this chorten opens after every 12ears to public to climb up. There is a monastery attaché to this chorten.

Distance: 87km from Tawang.


Zemithang Valley:

Zemithang valley is one the most beautiful valleys of Arunachal Pradesh on the bank of river Namjang Chu.

Distance: 89km from Tawang.



Another beautiful tourist’s attraction to visit in Tawang district is Khinmey Gompa. This is one of the famous monastery to visit in this region. This monastery is located about km from district headquarter. It is the Nyingmapa monastery of Peling sub-sect founded by His Eminence 14th Thektse Rinpoche. The main prayer hall dominates the 50 –feet great statue of 8th century Indian master Guru Padmasambava. The calm and peaceful environment all around of this monastery attracts thousands of tourists each year from different part of this region. This is one of the famous places for seeking blessings of Lord Buddha.

The natural beauty all around of this Gompa increases the importance of this Gompa many times. You can also find various sculpture related to the various dynasties who rules at this region. You can various Buddha monks in the premises of this region teaching themselves the fact and figure of Buddha religion. When you are in Tawang district then you should visit this place.

Tawang Travel Guide

Khinmey Gompa, Tawang Travel Guide

Where to Stay in Tawang:

Tawang has many hotels with basic facilities, which can also be book through online. There are many budget and cheap hotels near the market area of Tawang. There is also a circuit house and Government tourist lodge in Tawang.

Number of few hotels :

Hotel Tawang Inn : 8415075199 (We stayed here, highly recommended)




Sl.No. Name of  Hotels Full Address Contact Nos.  Website and E-mail
 1. Hotel Dekhang Near Gas Agency,Tawang 09436229797/08794604517 www.hoteldekhang.biz/ /
 2. Hotel Dekyi Pelbar Old Market,Tawang 03794-223867
 3. Hotel Yangzom 8527924987
 4. Hotel Monyul Residency 7642829536
 5. Hotel Tashi Ga-tsel Near Parade Ground Tawang 03794-224652/9436010602 www.hoteltashigatsel.com /
 6. Hotel Zax Star Near Tawang Emporium Craft Center Colony Tawang 03794-224652  / 09862220859/ 09402262482 www.hotelzaxstar.in / reservationszaxstar @gmail.com
 7. Hotel Gakyi Khang Zhang Near DC Office,Air Colony Tawang 03794-224647/48/49  www.gkztawang.com
 8. Hotel Mon Paradise Nehru Market,Tawang 03794-222443



Sl.No. Name of  Hotels Full Address Contact Nos.  Website and E-mail
 1. Hotel MonkKyiMojong Opp to BSNL Office. PWD COLONY.Tawang 03794-224311/9402548860 https://hotelmonkyimojong.com/
 2. Hotel Tawang Regency old market. Tawang 940249237 https://hoteltawangregency-dawa.com/
3. Hotel Tawang Lodge Officer ColonyOpposite SBI Bank, Tawang 03794-222030 www.tawanglodge.com / tawanglodge@yahoo.in
4. Hotel Tawang Inn Nehru Market,Tawang 03794-2221729402066004
5. Hotel Ugyenling Old Market,Tawang, Near Gas Agency 9402860038/9402293650 Ugyenlinghoteltawang@gmail.com
6. Hotel Monyul Lodge Old Bazar  , Near Taxi Stand, Tawang 03794-222196/9436225264
7 Hotel NEFA Nehru Market, Tawang 03794-222419/8413932999
 8 Hotel White House Nehru Market,Tawang
 9 Hotel Tawang Regency Old Market Tawang 03794-224743 Letseetour&travels.com.
 10 Hotel Dawa Old Market, Tawang 03794223310
 11 Hotel Mount View Nehru Market, Tawang 03794-224304/9402492375
 12 Hotel Buddha Old Market Tawang 9436872954/03794-222954
 13 Hotel Tawang View Nehru Market, Tawang 03794-222433
 14 Hotel Taktsang Temilo, Tawang 07085900801
 15 Hotel Siddhartha Nehru Market, Tawang 03794-222515/9436635998
 16 Hotel Samdrupling Old Market, Tawang 03794-224213
17 Hotel Dolma Chhinkar Old Market, Tawang 03794-223271/9436051011/ 94362523191 Infordolmahotels.com / www.dolmahotels.com
 18 Hotel Happy Valley AIR Colony 03794-223832
 19 Hotel Mon-Valley Nehru market, Tawang 03794-222119
 20 Red Coral Old market, Tawang
 21 Bumla Inn Near Parade Ground, Tawang 08729902020
22 Hotel Dekhang Near Gas Agency,Tawang 9774660107
23 Hotel Mandala New Market,Tawang 8794554003
24 Hotel Pemaling Nehru Market,Tawang 8257080996
25 Hotel Ajanta Nehru Market,Tawang 8794752521
26 Hotel YUL Pemakhar Mandrelling Village,Tawang 9402238934 http://hotelyulpemakhar.com/
27 Hotel Zambala Near Govt higher secondary,Tawang 7085938482


Sl.No. Name of  Hotels Full Address Contact Nos.  Website and E-mail
 1 Hotel Shambala Nehru Market Tawang 03794-222348
 2 Hotel Gorichen Old Market, Tawang 03794-224151
 3 Hotel Tawang Old Market, Near D.C. Resident, Tawang 03794-224640
 4 Hotel Pungteng Nehru Martket,Tawang 03794-223173
 5 Hotel Dungphoo Old Market,Tawang 03794-223765
 6 Hotel Maa Old Market,Tawang 03794-222295
 7 Hotel Dolma Old Market Tawang 03794-223271/94362523191 Infordolmahotels.com / www.dolmahotels.com
 8 Hotel Massang Old Market Tawang 03794-222162
 9 Cloud Stay Old Market, Tawang 03794-224548
 10 North Hill Near Gas Agency,Tawang 03794-222162
11 Hotel Sunrise Nehru Market,Tawang 9402475782
12 LD Guest house MG ROAD,Tawang 8413058463


Sl.No.   Name of Guest House Full Address Contact Nos.  Website and E-mail
01. Mandrel Khang Gompa AIR Road, Shyo basti +918257882689/+919402613136 http://www.mandrelkhanghomestay.com /madrelkhanghomestay@gmail.com
01. Dolma Khangsar Guest House Gompa AIR Road Tawang 03794-223271 /94362523191 Infordolmahotels.com / www.dolmahotels.com
02. Lebrang Guest House Lebrang Village 9402605029 Yeshipemp@gmail.com
03. Tenzin Paying Guest House Damgyen Village 9436630456
04. Thunderbolt Guest House Near Parade Ground, Tawang 03794-224242/9402622264


01.Tawang Home StayLebrang, Tawang03794-290205/9402477544dto.tawang@gmail.com 

02.Tara Home StayOld Market, Tawang03794-222483www.tribaldiscovery.com

03.Lemberdung Home StayLemberdung9436051009
04.Homestay for comfortDown Town Road03794-224788
05.Dolkar HomestayLebrang9862076099
06.Tashi Home StayLebrang9774608088
07.TL Home StayShyo Village7085327463
08.Sangey Home StayShyo Village03794-222712
09.Namgey Home StayShyo Village8258846210
10.Ana Sonam Tsomu Home StayMandrelling Village9436091899
11.Tashi Yangzom Home StayUrgyelling Village8414987117
12.Nawang Chotta Home StayLumpo Village,Zemithang9436875068
13.Panden Home StayMuchut Village,Zemithang9402661290
14.Chumey Yangzom Home StayKyalateng Village,Zemithang9402859651
15.Tashi Phuntso Home StayMuchut Village,Zemithang9402661290
16.Rinchin Tsweags Home StayKharman Village,Zemithang9402030387
17.Sonam Tsomu Home StayMandrelling Village,Tawang9436091899
18.Kitpi Home StayKitpi Village,Tawang8258965594
19.Tashi Yangzom Home StayUrgelling Village,Tawang8414987117
20.Earth Link Home StayKitpi Village,Tawang8258965594
21.Bliss Home StayMandrelling Village,Tawang9436229701
22.Lama Tsewang Home StayShyo Village,Tawang9436630416
23.Lebrang Home StayLebrang Village,94024775449402661290
24.Gyatso Home StayThongleng Village9862651699


Sl.No. Name of Govt. Accommodation Full Address Contact Nos.  Website and E-mail
01. Circuit House, Tawang Circuit house, Tawang 03794-224580
02. Tourist Lodge, Tawang Tourist Lodge 03794-222359  www.tawangtourism.intawangtourism16@gmail.com
03. Forest Rest House, Tawang Near Circuit House, Tawang Mobile:9436220844(RFO Hqs.)
04. Circuit House, Jang Jang, Hqs. 03794-255588(ADC Office)
05. Circuit House, Lumla LumlaHqs. 03794-264213(ADC Office)
06. Forest Rest House, Jang Jang Hqs. Mobile:9436220844(RFO Hqs.)
07. Inspection Bungalow, Zemithang Zemithang 03794-280326(CO ZMG.)
08. Tourist Lodge, Zemithang Zemithang 03794-280326(CO ZMG.)

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