Nepalese Cuisine at Gangtok

Nepalese Cuisine at Gangtok
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Nepalese Cuisine at Gangtok

I always love to test the taste of new foods, specially local foods of different places. This time when i went to Sikkim there I specially concentrated on local food. Though i visited Sikkim many times and always tried new dishes, this time i tried it in a different way. This time i tried Nepalese cuisine. Nepal is very near to Sikkim, so Sikkimese and Nepalese always exchanges their cultures,foods among themselves.

This time I tried Nepalese ‘Thali’.

This ‘Thali’ was well decorated as you can see from my photo.

First they gave me starter as ‘Dhau’, yogurt in a colourful bowl with a full spoon of clarified butter. Both of these were made from the milk of Yak.

food review

Nepalese Starter

Then the main dish came with various items including –

Tuyu Baji (White rice)

Chicken curry


Jimbu (Herb)

Anchar(Pickle) of Dry fish

Mirch(Chilli) pest.

Brinjal Fry.

Piece of Carrot and cucumber

Fried Radish.

Spicy Cabbage

Personal Experience: 

I tried this dish for the first time. Chicken curry , dal is less spicy but rest of the items were too spicy. Curd was good.

Cost of the food: Rs 300/ (per thali)

Where to eat: Lots of restaurants are there in Gangtok where you will find Nepalese Thali.

So go and test it !!! and send me a feed back 🙂

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