Mukutmanipur : The queen of Bankura

Mukutmanipur : The queen of Bankura

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Mukutmanipur Travel Guide

Mukutmanipur is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Bankura District of West Bengal. The main attraction of Mukutmanipur is second largest earthen dam of India. This is ideal destination for a weekend trip from Kolkata and here you will get Dam, Jungle, Hills and beautiful nature.

Where is Mukutmanipur located?

Mukutmanipur is situated at Khatra Sub Division of Bankura District, West Bengal and the dam is made at the confluence of Kangsabati and Kumari River.

How to reach Mukutmanipur from Kolkata:

Mukutmanipur can be reached in many ways. The nearest town of Mukutmanipur is Khatra. Bankura is only 55km away.

Bankura is the nearest rail head. One has to reach Bankura first then has to take a bus or car to reach Mukutmanipur. Regular buses ply between Bankura and Mukutmanipur.

One can also reach Mukutmanipur from Bishnupur also but it will take much more time.

How to reach mukutmanipur from Kolkata by Car:

One can easily reach by car from Kolkata. To reach Mukutmanipur by car one have to take Kolkata > Tarakeswar > Arambag > Bishnupur > Bankura > Mukutmanipur which is approximately 241 K.M.

Another but recommended route to reach Mukutmanipur is like Kolkata > Dankuni > Bardhaman > Durgapur (till here NH2) > Bankura (SH9)> Mukutmanipur which is nearly 270km but the road condition is really good.

You will get regular bus service from Kolkata to Mukutmanipur.

Another but most scenic route is Jhargram to Mukutmanipur. In that case one has to reach Jhargram first then he has two options, at first he can explore Jhargram and on second day he can reach Mukutmanipur by exploring Belpahari, Kankrajhore and Jhilimili and on the other hand he may reach reach Mukutmanipur directly from Jhargram. In this route one has to cross many jungles like Amdubi Jungle, Baro mile jungle, Sutan Jungle.

Things to see at Mukutmanipur:

Explore Dam: Mukutmanipur dam is one of the most scenic dams of West Bengal. One may take a boat ride on dam and the dam looks much beautiful during sunset.

Explore Tourist Complex: The road towards dam through tourist complex is painted with multiple colours which is the prime attraction of tourist complex. Beside the road one will get many shops. There is also park and playing area for children.

Musafirana View Point: This view point is considered to be the highest point of Mukutmanipur. This view point is situated just beside dam and the view of the dam from this point is mesmerizing.

Musafirana Park: There is a beautiful park situated just beside Mukutmanipur dam. The park has many trees and flowering plants. There are also seating arrangements. Entry fee of the park is Rs 10 per head. To reach Musafirana Park and Musafirana view point one has to take motor van from the entry point of the park. It will take Rs. 40 per head to reach Musafirana Park and View Point.

Pareshnath Temple: Pareshnath temple is situated on another hill top beside the Dam. To reach Pareshnath temple one has to climb up some steps from the dam barrage. The view from the Pareshnath temple is also beautiful. One Shiva Linga is there at the top. I will recommend you to visit this place during sunset.

View form Pareshnath Temple

Banpukuria Park: Banpukuria Deer park is situated just opposite side of the Dam. To reach there one has to cross the dam by boat. Many deer are there. It will be a nice experience to visit Banpukuria deer park.

Ambika Nagar: Ambika nagar is considered as ancient town of Jain pilgrims and many remnants are still there.  There is also a Rajbari and a Natyamandir situated at Ambika Nagar. The rajbari belongs to King Raicharan.

Doladanga: Doladanga is situated opposite side of Mukutmanipur dam but this fall under Purulia district. This is a small tribal village.

Explore Barrage: At the dead end of Mukutmanipur dam there is a barrage with many lock gates. The other side of the barrage has most interesting rock formation.

Sangam: Sangam is the place where river Kangsabati meets with river Kumari. I will highly recommend you to visit this place during sunset for best view.

Sutan Forest: Sutan forest is situated only 30km away from Mukutmanipur. This place is surrounded by hill and dense sal forest. This forest is a part of Mayur Jharna Forest and this forest is considered to be an active elephant corridor. Three watch towers are there. One will get a bird eye view of surrounding forest and Mukutmanipur dam from there.

Baro Mile Jungle: Baro Mile jungle is another beautiful jungle falls under Mayur Jharna Forest devision and one will get this jungle on the way to Ranibandh.

Jhilimili: Jhilimili is a hill locked destination which is surrounded by Sutan Forest and a part of Dalma Wildlife sanctuary. This is such a beautiful place to spend your weekend. Tree houses are there. You may read more about Jhilimili from here.

Talberia Dam: This is a small dam situated near Jhilimili. This place is also surrounded by green forests. Location

Sonamani Hill: Sonamani Hill is situated at a village named as Kurul Pahari of Khatra Sub Division. This place is only 24km away from the Dam. This is basically a monolithic stone. Location

Mashak Hill, Ledi Hill and Kashipur forest: These are also small stones and fall on the way to Sonamani Hill and Kashipur forest is basically a man made forest of Sonjhuri trees, this also falls on the way to Sonamani Hill of Bankura. Location

Noadihi sunset point: This is another sunset point situated near Mukutmanipur Dam. To reach Noadihi one has to take the road which goes beside Peerless Resort to Baroghutu, just after crossing Baroghutu you will reach Noadihi. Recently government of West Bengal has started to construct an accommodation there for tourists. Location

Kadam Deuli Dam: KadamDeuli Dam is another small dam situated near Mukutmanipur. Kadam Deuli is 28km away from Mukutmanipur. This dam is situated on river Shilabati. One has to take diversion from Hatirampur to reach Kadam Deuli Dam. Location

Sabuj Dwip: Sabuj Dwip is a river island situated on river Kansabati. A park is also there. This is ideally a picnic spot. Location.

Things to do at Mukutmanipur:

Boat ride: Mukutmanipur dam is ideal for boat riding. There are different types of boats available. One can choose accruing to his budget.

Explore nearby villages: Many villages are there. One may visit Ambika Nagar, Doladanga or Gorabari to experience village life.

Camping: This is ideal place for camping. One may pitch his own camp or may stay at camp of some local camp organizer. This place is ideal to watch moonlit night or starry sky.

Short Hiking: There are few places where you can go for short hike through forest.

Wildlife watching: Mukutmanipur and surrounding forest is habitat of some wildlife like fox, peafowl, rabbit and Elephant. If you are lucky enough you will get a chance to see them.

Cycling or Bike ride: Mukutmanipur is ideal place for cycling. The road from Mukutmannipur to Jhilimili is pure bliss for any Biker.

Palash Watching: If you love to watch red Palash flower then you must visit Mukutmanipur to Jhilimili during March. This place is considered as one of the most beautiful Palash circuit of West Bengal.

Water Activity: Government is planning to start water activity at Mukutmanipur dam from 2021 onward.

Picnic: Mukutmanipur is the most reputed picnic spot of Bankura. Many people come here for picnic during winter. If you are not a picnic lover I will suggest you not to visit this place during the month of December and January.

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What to see if you are traveling Mukutmanipur from Bishnupur:

If you are traveling from Bishnupur on the way you will get three to four spots.

Panchmura: Panchmura is a village famous for clay art. You will find Bankura’s famous clay made horses here and the prices are pretty reasonable here.

Chenchuriya Eco Park: This is a small eco park situated on the way.

What to see if you are traveling Mukutmanipur from Jhargram:

If you are traveling Mukutmanipur from Jhargram on the way you can explore Belpahari and Kankrajhore and Jhilimili.

Ghagra Waterfall: Ghaghra Waterfall is a small stream. This place is situated inside a jungle. The road towards Ghaghra Waterfall goes through a tribal village. You may take a dip here into the the waterfall.

Gadrasini Hill: Gadrasini is a small hill situated near Belpahari. The view from the top of the hill is mesmerizing. One has to take a short hike to reach the top of the hill.

Khandarani Dam: A small but beautiful dam of Jhargram and this place is home of many birds. Many migratory birds come here during winter seasons.

Laljal Cave: Another peace full place situated inside jungle. There is a small cove on the top of the hill and also there is a temple present at the base point of the hill.

Amdubi Jungle: A vast and dense jungle of Sal trees. This jungle is a hidden gem of West Bengal.

Sutan Forest Tourplannerblog

Sutan Forest Tourplannerblog

Culture and Festivals of Mukutmaniur:

Mukutmanipur Loksanskriti Mela: This is the most popular festival. In January this festival happens with great joy. You can experience local folk song, tribal dances and culture. At that time you can experience variety types of local tribal food. You can buy many different artifacts including Bankura famous Baluchari Silk saree at that time.

Tusu Mela: The famous harvest festival Tusu is celebrated by local people of Mukutmannipur on the last date of Poush which generally fall between January-February of English month. People from Santal community celebrate Makar Parab at that time.

Karam Festival: This festival is celebrated on Bhadra Ekadashi.

Bandna Festival: This is another popular tribal festival celebrated on Kartick Amabasya in the month of November.

Raicharan Mela: This festival held on February. This festival is named after famous freedom fighter Raicharan Dhabal Deb.

Palash Utsav: The festival of colours held during Holi (March). Recently few organization started this festival at Mukutmanipur section.

Where to stay at Mukutmanipur:

Youth Hostel: This is situated at a prime location and the entrance of the Dam. This can be booked from youth hostel website. Location

Sonajhuri Prakriti Vromon Kendra: This is under West Bengal Forest Department. This is situated on a hill top. This can be booked from WBFDC website. Location

Hotel Malancha: Situated very nnear to Tourist Complex. Booking can be done over phone: 9434590399 / 9434525769 / 9474691872 / 9434330651


Hotel Amrapali: Very near to Tourist Complex. Contact: 03243- 253208 / 9434628962 / 8016507353


Hotel Ahalya Lodge: Near to Gorabari Panchayet Ofiice. Booking can be done over phone: 9547365568 / 7602768014 / 8900379821, they also have a website.

Peerless Resort: Situated just opposite side of the dam on a hill top. Booking can be done from their website. Kaizenhotels dot co dot in. or over phone 099327 87993.

Charulata Panchapally Tourist complex: This is situated at Baroghutu. Tariff: 1500-1800 per night. Contact: 096094 77070

Monalisha Lodge: Near to tourist complex. Contact: 9932366105 / 9932546968

Hotel Pink Ross: Located 1.5km away from Tourist Complex near Khatra Sport Complex. Contact: 7407407474

Hotel Green Park: Situated 1.8km away from Dam. Contact: 9434651663 / 9002423342

Aranyak Resort: Newly built up hotel (Started on 2019). This hotel is situated beside Hotel pink Ross. Contact: 9163395263 / 9932825874 /9002333992

Gorabari Panchayet Lodge: 9933789514 / 7319275528

Staying Option at Khatra:

Oishi Plaza: 7479224671

Dhrubatara Lodge: 9635475237/ 9434330765

Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Khatra: 9851155029/ 7278159349/ 9433448969

Staying option at Jhilimili:

Rimil Lodge and Tree House, Contact: 7407473604 / 8538834031 / 7718400110

Staying Option at Sabujdwip Eco Park: 9851974466 / 7872492660

Camping Option at Mukutmanipur:

Nest Home: On Sonajhuri Hill. Here you can stay at tent or can pitch your tent at the camping ground. The view from the top is excellent. Contact: 6294924252

Cost of Mukutmanipur Trip:

Mukutmanipur is a weekend tourist destination. So this place can be cover within budget.

Transportation cost: Train fare from Santragachi to Bankura / Bishnupur is approximately Rs100. A bus from Dharmatal to Bankura, Bishnupur or Mukutmaniur will cost around INR 150-200. A small car from Bankura/Bishnupur to Mukutmanipur will cost around INR 1800-2500.

Cost of Accommodation: There are many staying options at Mukutmanipur which will vary from INR 500-3500 depending on the room quality and service.

Cost of Food: A normal meal will cost around INR 120-150. In that meal one will get descent amount of Rice, Dal, Sabji, Fry, Posto, and a dish of Fish. Breakfast will cost you around INR50-60.

Miscellaneous Cost: Cost of Motor van approx. 50per head and cost of boat ride approx INR 100 per head. Entry fee of Musafirana Park Rs 10 and entry fee of Banpukuria Deer Park Rs 15 per person.

My experience on Mukutmanipur:

The name Mukutmanipur is enough to boost my travel passion. I went there three times. Every time I found a new Mukutmanipur. I love this place for its natural beauty and I love to spend peaceful days here. I have a wish to visit this place during rain. Green jungle, sound of rain drops, cloudy sky and a hill top view, smell of fresh air, ahh I can feel it! In my opinion reaching Mukutmanipur from Kolkata is little bit hectic but once you reach there it’s a pure bliss of mind.

F.A.Qs on Mukutmanipur:

  1. Why Mukutmanipur is Famous?

Mukutmanipur is famous for its natural beauty along with second largest earthen dam.

  1. Mukutmanipur Dam is made on which rivers?

The dam is made on the confluence of river Kumari and Kansabati.

  1. How far is Mukutmanipur from Kolkata?

Mukutmanipur is 268KM away from Kolkata.

  1. How can I go to Mukutmanipur from Howrah by train?

One has to reach Bankura or Bishnupur first from Howrah or Santragachi railway station. From there he will get regular bus service for Mukutmanipur.

  1. How far is Mukutmanipur from Bishnupur?

Mukutmanipur is 73KM away from Bishnupur.

  1. What is the best time to visit Mukutmanipur?

October to February is the ideal time to visit Mukutmanipur. If you want to enjoy rain then June-July is a good time.

  1. Can I visit Mukutmanipur for a day trip from Kolkata?

This is possible but not advisable. As Mukutmanipur is situated 268KM from Kolkata it will be a hectic tour.

  1. What are the other places which can be visited along with Mukutmanipur?

Bankura, Bishnupur, Panchmura, Jhilimili, Sushunia, Ajodhya, Jhargram these are the place which can be visited along with Mukutmanipur.

  1. What to buy at Mukutmanipur?

Mukutmanipur is ideal place to buy local and tribal artifacts. You may buy clay made horses which is famous across Bankura. Baluchari Silk Saree a special saree of Bankura district. You may also buy this one.


Mukutmanipur should be at your wish list if you had not visited yet. Govt. is taking lots of initiative to boost up tourism of this place. I appreciate their hard work and initiation. In respect of tourism lots of opportunities are there. People should come and experience this beautiful gem of Bankura.


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