How to Plan your holidays in 2016

How to Plan your holidays in 2016
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How to Plan your holidays in 2016

2015 is coming to an end and while this year we enjoyed several long breaks thanks to the strategic occurrence of holidays just before or after weekends, let’s see what 2016 has in store for us. Bookmark this page and plan your trips ahead.According to West Bengal State Govt. Public Holidays List,  There are 7 long weekends in 2016, which means you can plan quick getaways well in advance without having to take too much leave. Going away for a weekend allows families and individuals to rest and recover after a long week at work. Designing a trip in advance leads to save good amount of money when you get to compare, negotiate and choose amongst multiple options available. It also means saving on time. Otherwise, thoughts like that  where to go, what to do, how to save, leaves one no where . There is more to planning a trip then finally booking the airfare and hotel.  Financially planning for a trip in advance will absolutely lead to a less stressful situation.

List of Holidays:

January (1>2>3)

There couldn’t be a better start to the year as 2016 begins with a long weekend. So welcome the year with a short vacation to a weekend getaway near your city. This is winter time ,in this time you may visit Chandpur, Sundarban.Here are a few options for you :

Travel destination for 2Night/3days trip


Chandpur – The newest beach destination near Kolkata

Weekend destination

Chandpur Beach

Chandpur is the newest beach destination near Kolkata. Still untouched by tourists, Chandpur has the cleanest stretch of beach anywhere near Kolkata.

Budget: Around Rs. 3000/ head

Ideal for: Nature lover, Family Trip.

 Read More about Chandpur Here

 Sundarban-World largest mangrove forest


An evening in Sundarban

I always love long boat ride. So when my friend Avijit told me he has a work in Sundarban and it’s a long boat journey, if I wish I can join with him. I did not even take a second to reply yes. Yes Sundarban I am coming.

Budget: Rs. 3000 to 4000/ head

Ideal for: Family trip, Picnic Lovers, Wild life lovers, Photographers.

 Read More about Sundarban Here


March (23>24>25>26>27)

A set of a five-days holiday in the third month of the year. If you are a snow lover you can try Gnathang, Zuluk. If you like to travel by road then Keonjhar will be ideal for you. Want to stay in camp?Then head towards Khedum, Pitch your tent infront a hidden waterfall. If you like to stay in a calm quite place then Rongo is ideal for you to celebrate holi with local people and wild colour. For city lover nothing can beat Delhi. Read more about these places below.

Travel destination for 5Night/6days trip

Nathang,Zuluk,Khedum,Rongo, Keonjhar, Delhi,


Nathang Valley Travel Guide


Nathang is called Ladakh of East Sikkim. Nathang valley is locally known as Gnathang Valley is situated at an altitude of 12,700 feet above sea level.

Budget: Rs 1000 to 1200/ Head/ Day

Ideal for: Nature Lover, Backpackers, Family trip, Photographers

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Zuluk : A comprehensive Travel Guide of Zuluk


Zuluk is an abode of peace.Zuluk is a hamlet close to Indo-China border. Zuluk is situated at an altitude of 9,500 ft above sea level in eastern part of Himalaya.

Budget: Rs 1000 to 1200/ Head/ Day

Ideal for: Nature Lover, Backpackers, Family trip, Photographers,Road trip

 Read More about Zuluk Here

 Khedum – An unexplored heaven in the mid of nature

khedum,north sikkim+lachung

Khedum Camp

If you are looking for a brand new beautiful destination then Khedum is a perfect match for you. This place is ideal for camping and walking through nature.

Budget: Rs 800 to 1200/ Head/ Day

Ideal for: Nature Lover, Backpackers, Family trip, Photographers

 Read More about Khedum Here

RONGO-A hidden hamlet of DOOARS


Home Stay

Rongo, the small village is situated on top of a hill at an altitude of 4500 feet near Bhutan boarder.

Budget: Rs 1200 to 2000/ Head/ Day

Ideal for: Nature Lover, Backpackers, Family trip, Photographers,Writers

Read More about Rongo Here




Keonjhar – A hidden Gem of Orissa

Murgamahadev Falls

Murgamahadev Falls

Keonjhar is a land locked district  situated in the northern part of Odisha.

Budget: Rs 800 to 1500/ Head/ Day

Ideal for: Nature Lover, Backpackers, Family trip, Photographers,Road Trip

Read More about Keonjhar Here

 New Delhi: See the city by Metro Railway

Delhi-see the city by metro

Isa Khan’s Tomb

New Delhi is the capital of India, is famous for its incomparable architectures and gardens. From very beginning many sultans,kings and finally British shifted there capital form other places to Delhi.

Budget: Rs 4000 to 6000/ Head

Ideal for: Nature Lover, Family trip, Photographers, Shopping Enthusiast

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August (13>14>15),September (10>11>12) and October(29>30>31)

After March, there isn’t a long weekend until mid-August so make sure you plan something for this one.Since it is monsoon in many states, here are a few options like you may go to Mandarmoni, Jhargram,Gadiara.

Travel destination for 2Night/3days

Mandarmoni, Jhargram,Gadiara.

The Day I Flew at Mondarmoni



I heard a lot about parasailing in Goa,Kerala but when I came to know about parasailing in Mandarmani, I was eager enough to experiencing it.

Budget: Rs 2000 to 4000/ Head

Ideal for: Nature Lover,  Family trip, Picnic Lovers

Read More about Mondarmoni Here

 October (7>8>9>10>11>12>13>14>15>16)

Here is the longest duration of Holidays come. October the month of Durga Puja. You can take advantage of this holidays and get out of the home for some different places of India.In this time span you can visit both North and East Sikkim together. You may visit Arunachal Pradesh(Tawang) also you may visit Andaman,Rajasthan, Himachal, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, U.P, Madhyapradesh,Part of South India. Here are few selected destination out of all for you.

Travel destination for 9Night/10days trip

Tawang,Andaman,Rajasthan, Sikkim,

North Sikkim Travel Guide

Sikkim travel guide

Yumthang Valley

Northern part of Sikkim is a very popular travel destination among tourists. This barren land is popular for its breathtaking view.

Budget: Rs 1000 to 1200/ Head/ Day

Ideal for: Nature Lover, Backpackers, Family trip, Photographers

Read More about North Sikkim Here

Andaman Travel Guide

Enjoying Andaman

Enjoying Andaman

Andaman is island territory of India. Situated on the Bay of Bengal,

Budget: Rs 1000 to 1200/ Head/ Day

Ideal for: Nature Lover, Backpackers, Family trip, Photographers

Read More about Andaman Here

 Tawang: A Hidden Paradise

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Tawang is both historically and naturally endowed.

Budget: Rs 1200 to 1800/ Head/ Day

Ideal for: Nature Lover, Backpackers, Family trip, Photographers

Read More about Tawang Here


Here is the late autumn and starting of winter, here are a few options you may like go to Ghatshila, Henry Island,

Travel destination for 2Night/3days

 Ghatshila and Galudih Travel Guide


Sunset over Subarnarekha River

 An ideal destination for nature lover. You can spend two night and enjoy a beautiful week end here.

Budget: Around Rs. 2000/ head.

Best for: Nature Lover, Back packer, Family trip, Picnic lovers.

Read More about Ghatshila Here

So, I hope you will enjoy a lot in this coming year 2016. Best wishes to everyone.

Happy New Year in Advance


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