Gangani-Grand Canyon of Bengal

Gangani-Grand Canyon of Bengal

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Gangani-Grand Canyon of Bengal

Gangani is popular for its versatile land structures and located on the bank of river Silabati at Garbeta,West Bengal. Here red soil make high ridge by the erosion of air and water.

Basically its a popular picnic spot among locals. This is turning to a popular weekend destinations among weekenders.

Why should you visit Gangani?

You wont find similar kind of soil erosion throughout the West Bengal and if you are in photography then this place is ideal for you. You can come here to enjoy the beauty of Silabati river.

Try to visit nearby forest and you may pay a visit to 700 years old temple. Moreover you may can spend your weekend on a new destination which can be easily done with in a day.

How to reach Gangani : 

By Train:

Take a train from Shalimar or Santragachi station and reach Garbeta Station. From there take cycle rickshaw or Toto to reach Gangani.

Best trains that can be avail to reach Gangani : Rupashi Bangla (train No: 12883) that leaves Santragachi Station at 6:25 am and reaches Garbeta at 9:17 am.

You may also avail Aranyak Express (Train No: 12885) which leaves Shalimar Station at 7:45 am and reaches Garbeta at 10:51 am.

At the time of return from Gangani one may avail Rupashi Bangla (train No: 12884) that leaves Garbeta Station at 5:25 pm and reaches Santragachi at 8:38 pm or you may avail down Aranyak Express (Train No: 12886)

Else you may break your journey via Kharagpur. Couple of local trains ply between Garbeta and Kharagpur line. You may avail them to reach Karagpur and from there you will get local/express trains.

By Car: 

Gangani is only 133km away from Kolkata.

Route to follow if your traveling by car:

>Kolkata – NH6 – Bagnan – Uluberia – Kolaghat – Mecho Gram – Ghatal – Chandrakona –  Garhbeta

>Kolkata – NH6 – Bagnan – Uluberia – Kolaghat – Karagpur – NH60 – Godapiasal – Salboni– Garhbeta.

Erosion of soil at Gangani

By Bus :

If you want to come Gangani by bus then you have to catch a bus for Chandrakona Road or Chandrakona Town. You will get many buses from Dunlop, Santragachi as well as from Kona. You have to take a hired vehicle to reach Gangani from Chandrakona road or Chandrakona Town.


Local Transportation at Gangani : 

After reaching Gangani station you have to rely on local transportation. Apart from Cycle rickshaw, cycle van and hired vehicle are also available at Garbeta station.

What to see at Gangani?

Bagri Krishna Rai Jew Temple:

This temple is situated on the bank of river Silabati. This is a 700 years old temple.

You may take a part in puja if you want. There is a sweet stall just behind the temple, where you will get a special kind of sweet of Garbeta that is called ‘Najum’.

Krishna Rai Jeu Temple:

Krishna Rai Temple is another temple situated near Gangani. At the time of Rash Yatra idol of Sri Krishna has brought out here from Bagri Krishna Rai Temple. There are two Rasmanchas situated just adjacent to the temple.

Sarbamangala Temple:

This popular temple was build following the Deul structure of Odisha. There is an idol of devi Sarbamangala inside the temple. Try to visit there before 12:00 pm. Many devotees come here to take part in worship.

Baro Shiva Temple:

This is another old temple of Garbeta. This was founded by Bagri King. Twelve shiva lingas are there in this temple complex.

Amlagora Jungle:

The Sal jungle of Amlagora is one of the most popular elephant crossing zone. You will find board mentioning elephant crossing while going through the national high way.

Bagdoba Jungle:

This is another jungle which will start just after crossing Amlagora Jungle. There is a pond inside jungle where Elephant and other animals come to drink water.

Bhadreswar Kali Temple:

This place is very near to Gangani. From here you will get a spectacular view of the entire canyon during sunset.

Canyon of Gangani:

Now come to the last and the most important location of Gangani, the canyon of Silabati river. Reach here during the second half of the day so that you have enough time to explore this place until sunset.

During sunset the changing colour of the landscape will attract anyone and if your are a photographer you will definitely love to take photo of canyon during sunset.

Moon rise over Gangani

What to eat and Where to eat Garbeta:

Tea at Garbeta Station: There is a small wooden tea stall at Gangani railway station. You may try a cup of tea after reaching Garbeta Station.

Breakfast/Lunch/ Dinner: There are two hotels named as Suruchi or Hazra Hotel where you will get eateries. A normal veg meal will cost you around Rs 40 (price as of 2020) and in this price you will get Rice, Sak, Dal, Three types of sabji.

You will get fish, chicken and mutton. A full plate chicken will cost you around Rs 90/- (with 6 pieces chicken, price as of 2020). If you want you will also get Tandoori Rooti at your lunch or dinner.

Where to stay at Garbeta:

There are only limited staying options are here. If you want to stay here you will get only two staying options.

Sonajhuri Guest House: 9547514030

A.C. double bed: Rs 800/- and Non AC double bed: Rs 600-700/-, Dormitory : 150 per bed.


Tried to capture startrail

When to visit:

Gangani can be visit throughout the year except rainy season. If you want to enjoy winter weekend you may visit In December to February.

Do you want to enjoy Kashful beside river Silabati river then visit Gangani during month of September-October. If you want to enjoy sunset over the canyon and want to experience the changing colour of soil during sunset then visit here during April-May.

Which place can be cover with this trip:

Bishnupur is very near to Gangani. You may also visit near by Chandrakona town which is considered to the town of temples. You also may visit Joypur forest of Bankura.

Night view of Garbeta

Distance chart from Garbeta:

Kolkata- 140m km by road.

Bishnupur- 30 km.

Chandrakona Town- 27km

Garbeta Station-2km

F. A. Q. on Gangani:

1. Can I visit for a day trip?

Yes of course it is possible to cover Gangani with in a day. A day trip ideal for Gangani trip but if you want to visit places like Bishnupur or Joypur forest then you may add a day or two.

2. Where to book Toto?

You will get Toto just outside of Garbeta railway station. If you want you may contact Sujeet (Katuda). He will charge Rs 700 to cover above said all spots. His contact number : 9933154056

3. What will be charge to visit Bishnupur from Gangani?

A Toto will charge Rs 600-700 (as per 2020) to reach Bishnupur from Gangani or vise versa.

4. Can I visit in rainy season?

Rainy season is not suitable to visit this place. This time the water level of Shilabati will increased so you may not be able to get down to the canyon.


Shilabati river during sunset

Do visit more beautiful places in West Bengal.

Few information of this article is prepared with the help of Pratik Mukherjee. Thanks to Pratik for his cooperation.


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