Bagda Sea Beach : Best Beach Camp of Orissa

Bagda Sea Beach : Best Beach Camp of Orissa

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Dublagadi Bagda Sea Beach is a new tourist destination of Orissa. This place is situated on the bank of Bay of Bengal. This virgin beach is surrounded by Tamarix trees at one side and Bay of Bengal on the other side. This place is ideal for camping, bird watching and weekend tour. So if you have only 2 days in your hand and if you are looking for a short weekend trip then this could be your next destination.

Where is Dublagadi Bagda situated:

Dublagadi Bagda situated at Balasore tehsil of Orissa. Bagda is only 30KM away from Balasore and 33KM away from Chandipur.

How to reach:

To reach Dublagadi Bagda beach one has to reach Balasore first. Balasore is well connected by rail and bus route from Howrah, Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. Dublagadi Bagda is only 30 km away from Balasore. From Balasore one will easily get auto for Bagda Beach, the auto will cost one around Rs 600 to Rs 800 for full auto. If you are looking for a share auto then come out from Balasore station and walk through the road from station to nearest circle, there you will get share auto. A share auto will cost around Rs 80 to Rs 100 per person. Auto will take nearly 1:30 hours to reach Bagda.

How to reach Dublagadi Bagda from Kolkata :

If you are planning to visit Dublagadi Bagda from Kolkata then you can easily reach there within 5 hours if you traveling by train.

Here is the time table of train:

If you want to visit Bagda by bus then you have to catch a bus to Cuttack or Bhubaneswar from Babughat bus stand of Kolkata. It will take nearly 5-6 hours to reach Balasore.

Bagda Beach Orissa

Bagda Beach Orissa

If you are planning to visit Bagda by car or Motorbike then you should follow this route:

Kolkata – Kolaghat – Kharagpur – Balasore – Dubalgadi Bagda.

Itinerary for Dublagadi Bagda Beach for 2 Nights and 3days:

Day1: Howrah to Balasore (Station code :BLS), Balasore to Backpackers camp Dublagadi bagda.

Day2: Dubagadi Bagda to Chandipur and Panchalingeswat day trip and back to bagda.

Day3: Dublagadi bagda to Balsore, then Balsore to Howrah by train.

Things to do at Dublagadi Bagda Beach / What to see / What to do :

Dublagadi bagda is a hidden gem of Orissa. This place is still unknown to many of the tourists, hence this place is still virgin and unexplored. This place is surrounded by dense forest of Tamarix trees you will find many birds here. Thus this place is ideal for bird watching. You can seat on the sea shore of Bay of Bengal, can relax and enjoy the rhythm of sea waves. You may take a dip in the sea here. Due to low pollution you will get to see lots of stars here at night. You can walk through the jungle of Tamarix and can figure out fire flies at night. Even some times blue wave which caused by Phyto plankton can see here during first moon of a moon cycle.

Dubalgadi Bagda Beach Camp

Fire flies at Bagda Beach, Orissa

Where to stay at Bagda Beach:

Dublagadi Bagda is ideal for camping, thus you will find many camp site here. Most of the camp sites are situated inside the tamarix forest. Most of them have double sharing tents and family tents. Inside a tent they provide pillow, bed sheet, bed cover, charging point and a L.E.D. light.

Tents are quite good but the main disadvantage of the tent is there are no attached toilet/ washroom. So you have to use common wash room. There is a camp named as My Eco Camp Bagda they only have two cottages.

Bagda Backpackers Camp

Bagda Beach Backpackers Camp

How many days require:

Two days are enough for a short trip to Dublagadi bagda. But if you add more days then you can explore more places along with Bagda Sea Beach.

Nearby Places to visit from Dublagadi bagda beach:

There are many places which can be visited along with Bagda Sea beach like Dagara, Panchalingeswar, Simlipal, Chandipur e.t.c.

Dagara is another virgin beach situated only 45KM away from bagda Sea Beach. Simlipal tiger reserve can also be covered from Badga but it will take a long full day.

Bagda Backpackers Camp

How to plan for Dublagadi Bagda :

For 1night 2days Dubalgadi bagda trip the plan should be like –

Starts early from Kolkata, catch a morning train from Howrah and then reach Balasore, from Balasore take an auto and reach Dublagadi bagda Sea Beach camp site. Put you luggage inside the camp and set out for the sea for sea bath, after that have your lunch, relax in hammock. At afternoon again visit sea beach, walk through the sea shore, watch sunset and came back to the camp. In evening enjoy campfire with chicken Bar-B-Q, have your dinner and call it a day.

Next day wake up early, go for a walk through the jungle, and then watch sunrise. After breakfast venture a boat ride into sea, then take a sea bath, have your lunch and say good bye to Dublagadi Bagda beach.

Dubalgadi Bagda Beach during sunset

Bagda Beach during sunset

Best time to visit Dublagadi Bagda Sea beach:

Bagda sea beach can be visited throughout the year but the ideal time to visit is from December to February. Though March to May is extremely hot here but still you can enjoy sea breeze here at that time. In my opinion one should skip visit during monsoon.

Cost of Bagda Beach:

I have divided the cost in respect of stay and transportation.

Cost of Stay: Camp is the main staying option at Dublagadi Bagda. The staying cost at camp is around INR 1200 – 1400 per person including stay and food. For three timesc(Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast). If you want Bar – B – Q chicken then it will cost INR 400 – 500 per KG.

Cost of Travel: If you are traveling by train in second seating (2S) then it will cost around INR 130 for Howrah to Balasore. From Balasore a full auto will take around INR 650 – 800 for dropping at Bagda Bech.

What Kind of food they serve at Camp?

At Bagda Backpackers camp you will get both Veg and Non Veg Meal. In veg they serve Rice, Dal, Sabji, Potato fry (Alu Bhaja), Chatni, Papar. In non-veg they serve Rice, Dal, Sabji, Potato fry (Alu Bhaja), Fish or Chicken, Chatni, Papar.

They serve coconut water as welcome drink and mineral water to drink.

If you are thinking about to visit Bagda Sea beach then you can book Bagda Backpackers Camp. By using our coupon code TOURPLANNER you will get 5-10% discount on each booking at any camp of Izifiso.

Booking Link:


Get Lost Eco Travel – Sintu Da : +91 98368 30342 | Subhrangshu Da : +91 98313 09512

Gopal Da (Host at My Eco Camp, Dublagadi Bagda Sea Beach) : +91 97111 07339 / +91 70119 3742

Izifiso Backpackers Camp: website | 8447745964

Food at Bagda Beach Orissa

Food at Bagda Beach Orissa

Food at Bagda Beach Orissa

Food at Bagda Beach Orissa

Bagda at Night

Bagda at Night

Bagda Beach

Bagda Beach

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