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Andaman Travel Guide

Reading Time: 11 minutes A comprehensive travel guide on Andaman. Here you will find everything related your trip from Planning to Returning home.


Andaman and Niccobar Island is most beautiful island in India. Her in this page you will get all the information and write ups related to Andaman.

The main attractions are Port blair, Havelock, Neil Island, Jolly Boue Island and Ross Island.

There are around 572 scattered islands out of which only around 37 are inhabited. The rest are without human population.

The islands have about 25 harbors. Andman is beautiful with its pristine beaches,colorful corals, turquoise water colour, dense forests, amazing sea-life,beautiful butterflies and lovely peoples.

Coordinates (Port Blair): 11.68°N 92.77°E

even days South Andaman Travel Plan:

First Day: Reach Port blair. Check inn your hotel and all day sightseeing at Port Blair.

Second Day:  Take a Cruise from Port Balir and reach Havelock and rest of the day Havelock sightseeing.

Third Day: Havelock sightseeing with water activities.

Fourth Day: Reach Neil Island by Cruise and rest of the day Neil island sightseeing.

Fifth Day: Havelock to Portblair return and rest of the day Port Blair sightseeing.

Sixth Day: Port Blair t Jolly Boyue day trip and night stay at port blair.

Seventh Day: Return back to your home from Port Blair.

Neil island andaman

Colourful Neil

Port Blair:

Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and Niccobar Island. There are many things to see at Port Blair.

What to see at Port Blair:

Cellular Jail:

This is the most happening place. When India was ruled by British Raj then British used to put freedom fighters of India to this jail. As this place is far away from the main land and surrounded by sea, it was impossible for the prisoners to return back to the main land. Every evening a light and sound show held here.

Anthropological museum:

This museum is ideal to know all the information related to the aborigines of the islands.

Marine Museum:

Lots of sea fishes are kept here in aquarium. You will get a in-depth information of various kind of sea animals here.

Corbyn’s Cove Beach:

A beautiful beach situated in Port Blair.

What to see at Havelock:

Havelock is a beautiful island with beautiful beaches. Radhanagar beach of Havelock is the most beautiful beach to watch sunset.

Neail Island:

A small island popular for water activities.

Ross Island:

A beautiful island near Port Blair.

Jolly Boyue Island:

This Island is famous for its different variety of corals.