Daringbadi The Kashmir Of Orissa – Travel Guide

Daringbadi The Kashmir Of Orissa – Travel Guide

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1 Daringbadi the Kashmir of Orissa
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Daringbadi the Kashmir of Orissa

Daringbadi is a popular destination situated in Kandhamal district of Orissa. This is a part of Eastern Ghat range and surrounded by forests, this hill station is popular for is virgin forest and vibrant landscape.

This is a popular picnic spot for local people and they use to visit here during the month of December to February. For its beautiful landscape Daringbadi is called the Kashmir of Orissa but in reality if you compare it with Kashmir, you will not find any similarity.

So, don’t judge the beauty of Daringbadi in respect of Kashmir, rather enjoy the beauty of Daringbari as it is. The place Daringbadi is named after a British Dering.

Where is Daringbadi

Daringbadi is located at the Kandhamal district of Orissa. Daringbadi is surrounded by lush green hills of Phulbani in one side.

Why visit Daringbadi

Well there are many reasons to visit Daringbadi. First of all it’s a beautiful place surrounded by lush green hills, waterfalls, rivers, pine forest, coffee plantation and aborigine culture.

This place is still new to tourists so foot steps of tourists are comparatively low. This place can be combined with a beautiful sea beach of Gopalpur, so in a trip you can enjoy both sea and hills.

Best time to visit in Daringbadi

Daringbadi can be visit through out the year. If you want to enjoy rolling hills and pine forest with dramatic fog then winter is the right time at that time temperature may fall down to sub zero at that time.

If you want to enjoy vibrant colour of beautiful nature, then monsoon is the right time. The lush green forest become more green at that time and the colour of green forest along with colour of red soil make the landscape more vibrant on that time.

Summer is very hot and humid here. So better avoid this place during summer i.e. from April to May.

How to reach :

The nearest railway station is Berhmapur (BAM), from here one have to take bus or hired car to reach Daringbari.

If you thinking about to reach Daringbari by car then you have to follow Bhubaneswar- Berhampur- Kalinga ghati- Daringbadi route.

Days required :

This place is ideal for a 2Night and 3 Days trip. However one can spend more days if he wants.

Route :

I will suggest to take the route of Berhampur – Aska – Kalinga ghanti – Mandasuru – Daringbadi – Bramhanigaon – Berhampur

What to see :

Daringbadi is an ideal destination to enjoy the nature at it’s best. You will find lush green rolling hills, river, lake waterfalls, pine forest, coffee plantation, parks. From Daringbari you may visit offbeat places like Ziranga, Khasada waterfall. You may visit some popular places like Taptapani, Gopalpur with this trip.

Mandasuru Gorge

Mandasuru Gorge, Mandasuru.

What to see On the way to Mandasuru from Berhampur

1. Vetnai :

A popular spot for watching black buck in its natural habitat. This place is very much popular for black bucks. You may find black bucks here and there around the paddy field of Vetnai.

More than thousands of blackbucks are there in this village. All of The villagers always try to protect them from poachers. Don’t forget to bring your telephoto lens and binoculars while visiting Vetnai.

Vetnai is only 10km away from Aska.

2. Kalinga ghanti :

This is basically a pass and this place is beautiful. You will experience a smooth ride on this scenic pass of Tikabali – Phulbani range. This will give you feel of a hill station.

The view of the foot hills and flat lands from top is really eye shooting. Stretch of the pass is about 5km. Don’t try to feed monkeys from a running car it may causes accident to them.

3. Mandasuru Eco Tourism Centre :

Mandasuru is a small village. This is located in a isolated place. This place is ideal for watching sunrise over the gorge. There is a wooden cottage situated inside dense forest of Daringbari udaygiri range and on the top of a hill.

If you want to enjoy nature, want to hear the sound of nature, want to spend one day with out having mobile connection and keeping you away from all kind of city disturbances then this place is ideal for you. Try to spend one night here.

Otherwise you may stay at Phulbani, move around there then pay a visit to this place on the way to Daringbadi. Mandasuru eco park entry fee : Rs 30/ head

4. Mandasaru waterfall :

Mandasaru water fall is located just few km away from the mandasaru eco tourism centre. One have to walk 300-400 meter from the main road for a distance view but if you want to get closer to the waterfall, then you need to walk at least 2km downwards inside jungle to reach there.

5. Mandasaru forest :

Mandasaru forest is ideal for experiencing wilderness of Orissa. This is basically falls under Udaygiri – Phulbani forest range. The forest is surrounded by lush green hills. Sal is the main tree of this forest.

Once upon a time tiger could be located in this forest. The forest is so dense that one can not roam around with out a guide. This forest is full of wild animals. On can easily spot spotted owl, eagle, pea fowl. This forest is paradise for birds lovers.

6. Mandasaru Gorge :

Like Silent valley national park of Kerala this place is called silent valley of Orissa. This gorge is created by a tributary river of Rushikulya.

Vetnai a offbeat destination near berhampur

Vetnai, Photo by : Shubham Palit.

What to see On the way to Daringbadi from Mandasuru :

On this way you will pass Daringbadi udaygiri forest range.

1. Lover’s Point :

This is ideally a picnic spot of Daringbadi. A river is flowing over the rocks here. One can take bath here. The flowing river created a small stream here.

2. Emu Breading Centre :

This is a private property. They have kept some emu birds here for breading purpose. One will get to see some emu birds and eggs here. Entry fee: ₹ 10/ head

3. Hill view park and Nature park :

Hill view park of Daringbadi is situated on the top of a hill. There are some rides for children inside the park. There are two view towers situated on the top from where one will get the view of Daringbadi valley. Entry fee 10 per head and car parking fee 30.

4. Nature park :

Nature park of Daringbadi situated just adjacent of Hill view park. There is a butterfly garden inside it. Besides nature park there is a pine forest also.

5. Midubanda Waterfall :

Midubanda waterfall is situated 16km away from Daringbadi. One have get down 181 stairs to reach this beautiful waterfall. The waterfall is coming down from a hill into a small pond like place.

You can take a bath here. This place is very much popular to local picnic party. Entry fee Rs 50 per car.

6. Scenic view point :

This is on the way to Midubanda waterfall from Daringbadi. The view of the valley is amazing from here. One will get to see venture valley with forest from here. One will get to see a small part of curved road from here.

7. Pine forest of Daringbadi :

There is a dense pine forest situated just besides coffee garden. Pay an early morning visit to this place that time the place remaining covered by thick fog.

8. Coffee garden and pepper garden :

This is situates only 5km away from Daringbadi Town. One will get to see coffee plantation and pepper garden here. One can also buy coffee, pepper and other spice from here. Entry fee : 30/head.

Daringbadi View Point

Daringbadi View Point

Some off beat places to visit in Daringbadi :

1. Ludu Waterfall : This is a beautiful water fall situated 34km away from Daringbadi. This waterfall is situated inside a jungle. One have to walk down few steps to reach near to this beautiful waterfall.

On the way to Bramhapur from Daringbadi :

1. Harabhangi Dam :

This dam is situated on the way to Bramhanigaon. The dam is really beautiful. A small road was constructed beside dam to connect with nearby villages.

2. Bramhanigaon Forest :

This is an off best forest situated on the way to Bramhapur from Daringbadi.

3. Khasada Waterfall :

This waterfall is situated at Kamalpur, Gajapati district of Orissa. Here a river is flowing through the rocky structure and that’s made the waterfall. One can cross the river on foot. One can take bath here.

Local people usually come here for picnic. Beside the waterfall there is a temple on the top of the nearby hill. Many devotees come to this temple. Parking fee 30

4. Jeerango :

This is a Tibetan settlement. In 1960 after the Chinese invention to the Tibet, these Tibetan refuses moved here and made their settlement with the help of local government. The main sources of income are cultivation, growing fruits and livestock. You will get to see storage corn at many houses.

There is a Buddhist Monastery with a hostel for Lamas. The four storied monastery is very beautiful with the colourful paintings all around. There is a big prayer hall at the ground of the Monastery and this place is called little Tibet of Orissa. You will fell that you have reached to a hill station Entry fee ₹30/ head.

How to reach Jeerango : Chandragiri is the nearby prominent town of Jeerango. Jeerango is only 4km away from Chandragiri and chandrabindu is 35km away from Taptapani.Taptapani is 90km away from Berahampur.

Jeerango Monastery

Jeerango Monastery

5. Taptapani :

This a hot water spring with a temple. The water believe to hame some medicinal property. Many people come here to take a dip into sulphur water. Many people throw coin to the water with their good wishes. You can stay here at Otdc panthanivas inside a jungle.

Place to visit surrounding Berhampur which also can be included with extended Daringbadi trip


Gopalpur is a popular sea beach of Orissa. This place is situated at the border of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Basically Gopalpur is a old port town. You may visit light house, sea beach and old fort while at Gopalpur.

Rambha :

A beautiful tourist destination beside Chilka lake. One may take a boat ride on chilka lake from here or can enjoy the beautiful chilka lake by seating besides the lake.

Barakul :

Another beautiful tourist spot of Orissa. This place is situated besides chilka lake. One can visit Kalijai Temple from here.

Daringbadi Travel guide

Gopalpur Sea Beach

Place to visit at Phulabani :

Besides Mandasuru there are many interesting places to visit in Phulbani which is surrounded by green jungle, lake, dam and waterfall.

Ludu Waterfall :

Ludu waterfall is situated 137km away from Phulbani district head quarter. This waterfall is situated inside deep forest of Kotagarh Wildlife sanctuary and surrounded by lush green forest and rolling hills.

Putudi Waterfall :

This waterfall is situated only 15km away from Phulbani. This waterfall is formed by the river Bada Salunki which falls down from a height of 100 meter.

Jagannath Deula (Temple) :

There is a beautiful Jagannath Temple situated near Phulbani. One may visit this place while in Phulbani.

Can I visit Daringbari with Puri :

Well Puri is far away from Daringbari, you have to travel almost 250km to reach Daringbari from Puri. It will take almost 7 to 8 hours to cover this distance. There is no direct bus service from Puri to Barhampur.

Few trains ply between Puri and Barhampur. From Barhampur one have to take car to reach Daringbari.

Does it really snowfall here in Daringbadi

The million dollar questions are ‘ Is Daringbadi faceing snow fall?’ or ‘Shall I get snowfall at Daringbadi?’. In straight way the answer of both the questions are ‘No’, you will not get snowfall at Daringbadi and most of the locals did not face it in near past.

Actually the thing is many times Daringbadi faces subzero temperature in winter months (between December to February), at that time dew near the earth surface get frozen and this happen every year in Daringbadi.

What to eat at Daringbadi

On your Daringbari trip you should try Chanapora – a special kind of sweet of Orissa. You should try mutton preparation.

In your Daringbadi trip you will not find many restaurants. For lunch and dinner you may visit hill view restaurant. They serve some of best dishes in Daringbari. For breakfast you will find some roadside eateries to serve Puri, Idli, Uttapam, Bora.

One should try Mutton at Lohagudi dhaba on the way to Berhampur from Jeerango.

What to buy at Daringbadi

You can buy some local handicrafts while at Daringbadi. There is a local market where people used to sell many hand made things which can be used in daily life.

Petrol Station at Daringbadi

There is only one petrol station at Daringbadi.The petrol station is situated on Ladapanka Street. But keep in mind they don’t accept cards, they only accept cash.

ATM at Daringbadi

Only two ATMs are there at Daringbadi. Out of which one is from State Bank Of India and another from Punjab National Bank.

Bike rental service at Daringbadi :

You will get a few bike rental services at Daringbadi. One of them is situated opposite to Hotel Mid Town. It will cost Rs. 800 – 1200 for a bike. You need to present your valid driving license to hire a bike.

Is Daringbadi safe to travel

Daringbadi has a dark past. Few years ago this place faced active Maoist movement. But the situation is getting better day by day. At present there is no news of maoist activity at Daringbadi.

So you may visit the place without any fear. But try to return back to hotel as early as possible and don’t venture for a night drive outside city area.

Approximate budget for Daringbadi trip

Daringbadi can be cover with in a budget. Many budget hotels are there, many budget places are there to eat.


You will get a hotel starting from Rs 500 at Daringbadi. A descent double bed room with AC will cost you nearly Rs 1200 – 1500 per night. A dormitory will cost you around Rs 300 -500. You may book your accommodation directly without any hesitation. Government property will cost you around 2000 per head including food and lodging.

Food :

Average cost of a Thali is around Rs 150-300. Hill view restaurant is the best place to have your lunch and dinner at Daringbadi. In breakfast you may try Puri (Cost Rs 30), Idli (Cost Rs 25).


There is no proper local transportation in Daringbadi. So either you have to take your own car or hire a vehicle to roam around Daringbadi. A car will cost around Rs 2500 – 3500 per day.

So one can spend a day at Daringbadi for Rs 1500 – 1800 (for a group of four). In this budget one will get a descent AC accommodation, Good foods and all sightseeing in AC car.

Berhampur Railway Station Retiring room booking process

For booking of a railway retiring room you need to have a valid PNR number. Visit irctc website first. Login there, and then put your PNR hit search button. Then you will be redirected to booking page. You can book either for source station or for end station.

Staying Options

Staying options at Daringbadi

You will get many hotels here with different budget starting from Rs 500/-. I am sharing here contact number of some hotels.

Mid Town : They have all types of rooms with AC and Non AC. I stayed here. They don’t have any restaurant but dont worry you will find many restaurants with in a 5min walk. Contact:  +91 – 9337335835, +91 – 7978749656

Hotel Padma :

Contact: (06849) 245323,  9438055313 (Mr. Jitendra Ku. Sahu, Chairman), 7978166733 (Mr. Jiru)

Hotel Utopia :  +91-9437781972, +91-7008240548, +91-8763592682

Daringbadi Eco Cottage of Orissa Eco Tourism : This is a nice government property. This will cost you around 4000 including all food and lodging for two person. Booking can be done through online from their website.

Deer eco home : +91 9438422452, 9348268744

The Turmeric Hotel : 7852904213

Daringbari Home : 9830181584

Hotel Goura : 9438312637

Hotel Hill View : 9439361203

Staying Options at Phulbani :

Mandasaru Eco Cottage: Can be book through online from Eco tourism orissa’s website. Its a beautiful property inside Mandasaru Eco Park. This cotteage is operated by self help goup.

Hotel Dreamland : 8763460001, 6842253244. Ac room starting from Rs 500/-

Hotels at Taptapani :

Orissa Tourism Development Corporation’s Panthanivas is the best place to stay at Taptapani. That can be booked from their website.

Staying options at Gopalpur :

Otdc Panthanivas : Can be booked through website

Sea Pearl Hotel : This can be booked from here

Car Rental Service for Daringbadi :

Kittu Ji (9437455390) he has his own car. Very helpful person. He is based on Berhampur.

Subhrangshu : 8895226893

Santosh Pattnaik : 9124134511

Gopal Panda : 9938589105

Golden point car service, Berhampur : 9437132712

Sweta Travelling , Berhampur : 9437063617

Maa Bhairavi Tours and Travels, Berhampur : 9437176583

You may like to watch our Daringbadi Travel Video Guide :





  1. Can I go Daringbadi, Gopalpur, Mandasuru etc by own car from Kolkata? How the rod condition?

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        • Already written.. Anyway take Kolkata-bhubaneswar- berhampore route

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