Borong – An offbeat Destination in South Sikkim

Borong – An offbeat Destination in South Sikkim

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About 17 km from Ravangla, Borong is a small hamlet in south Sikkim which is mostly famous among the Ornithologists as it is filled with exotic flora and hundreds of chirping birds. There is a beautiful homestay nestled in the lap of nature, named Himalayan View Homestay. This Homestay is hosted by Manjeel Gurung who is still studying. All his family members are taking care of the problems of the guests.

Himalayan View Homestay is located in the lap of snow peaks mountains with clear vision of Mt.Narsing, Pandim, Sinolchu and even Kanchenjunga. As the village is the paradise of lovely birds, you can find the varieties of birds chirriping from early morning itself.

Morning view from Homestay

Morning view from Homestay, P.C. – Manjeel Gurung

Guest with Hosts of the Homestay

Guest with Hosts of the Homestay, P.C. – Manjeel Gurung

How to reach :

From the town Ravangla, these Homestay is 18 kms away, which is far away from all the crowds and city life. Ravangla which is about 125kms from NJP railway station or Bagdogra airport. It will take nearly 5 hours to reach Ravangla from Bagdogra/NJP. From Ravangla, Borong is further 17kms (takes about 45 minutes by car). The small reserved taxi will charge you 1500 INR for a round trip to Borong from Ravangla. You can ask the homestay owner for pick up and drop from NJP.

Himalayan View Homestay, Borong

Himalayan View Homestay, Borong, P.C. – Manjeel Gurung

Best Time to Visit :

Borong is enjoyable throughout the year. But if you want to experience the festival taking place at the bank of Rangeet River, then you must come in the month of February.

Places to Visit nearby :

On the way towards your destination, you can visit different spots like Buddha park, Ralong Monasteries, Titanic Park and many other spots like Borong Monasteries, Rainbow falls, hotspring in Borong itself. You can also go on a 2.5 hour trek to Meenam Hills where there are superior opportunities for Bird watching and great scenic views. Another good option is to go on a trek to Bhanjan Valley, that’s a place of exceptional beauty filed with wildflowers and excellent views of the mountain ranges.

Borong Monastery

Borong Monastery, P.C. – Manjeel Gurung

Sightseeing from Borong,

Ralong Monasteries (Old), P.C. – Manjeel Gurung

Sightseeing from Borong

Sightseeing from Borong P.C. – Manjeel Gurung

Sightseeing from Borong,

Beautiful Falls, P.C. – Manjeel Gurung

Sightseeing from Borong

View from homestay, P.C. – Manjeel Gurung

Nature lovers would really enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Borong with amazing views. Beside all these you can definitely get to know all the cultures and lifestyle practiced here and also the traditional methods including foods, cuisines, etc. You all can get the real feel of village life where only the peace environment exists.

Contacts of the homestay :
Contact no – 8116246579 / 9735860060

Himalayan view homestay, Borong

If you want to visit Ravangla, Pelling and Namchi along with Borong, then you can follow the link.

If Temi, the only tea garden in Sikkim is your next destination after Borong, then you can follow this travel guide.


  1. The best place to stay if you want to get rid of pollution and want to taste the nature. The food they provide, is too good and healthy.

  2. Homely atmosphere. Our family stayed for 2 days .we enjoyed the food and village walk sikkimese hospitality. Manjeel and family is very helpful and do their best to make the stay comfortable.

  3. Best place to stay in there. Really nice atmosphere and the family could not be more caring and welcoming. Manjeel and his family Will make you feel as one more family member and they Will be so Happy about exchanging cultures ( if you are interested in learning their culture, that’s the place. I’ve never meet someone so excited and happy of sharing It as Manjeel). The experience could not be better. Thanks a lot!

  4. I visited Borong once and the villagers were really humble and welcoming. If you are going to visit this amazing village, you shouldn’t miss out the famous hot-springs of Borong and the end of the rock steep valleys.


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