Bhalukpong Travel Guide : Arunachal Pradesh

Bhalukpong Travel Guide : Arunachal Pradesh

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Bhalukpong Travel Guide


Bhalukpong is the entrance of West Arunachal Pradesh. It lies on the border of Assam and Arunachal. This is a beautiful town surrounding by hills and forests. This is the entrance of West Arunachal Pradesh. Bhalukpong is well connected with Bomdila, Arunachal pradesh and Tezpur, Assam. One may stay one night in bhalukpong and one night at Bomdila on the way to Tawang.  The main attractions of Bhalukpong are:

  1. Kameng River:

Kameng is one of most beautiful river of Arunachal Pradesh. It flows through the beautiful valley of Bhalukpong, the most interesting matter of this river is that just after crossing the border of Arunachal it enters in Asaam and people called it Jiabhorli instead of Kameng.

Distance: 1k.m from check post.

Ideal for: Nature lover, family trip, picnic, camping , adventure love

What to do:  Stroll beside the river, enjoy flowing river, One may put his camp here but only after proper permission from competent authority.

Kameng River

Kameng River,Bhalukpong


Bhalukpong at Night

2.Tippi orchid research centre:

This is the home of over 450 species of Orchids. One will be overwhelmed by the variety and the colour of the Orchids.

Distance: 6k.m from check post.

Ideal for: Nature lover, family trip.

What to do:  Stroll in and around the park. One may note down the name of Orchids.




Tippi Orchid Sanctuary

Tippi Orchid Sanctuay, Arunachal pradesh

Tippi orchid research centre

3. Pakke Tiger Reserve (PTR) :

Pakke Tiger Reserve is also known as Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary and Pakhui Tiger Reserve, is a lesser known wild life sanctuary in India. This lies in Eastern Himalaya. This is also known for its amazing sighting of famous resident hornbill species.

Distance: 12k.m from check post.

Ideal for: Nature lover, day trip, bird watching.

Staying option: Forest Lodges (Booking should be made in advance)

Special Note: Tourism is not much develops in this area and even locals don’t have proper information about this place. It is advisable to contact local forest officer either Bhalukpong or Sejosa for arranging night stay or day trip inside the jungle.

Contact: DFO, PTR: Tel: 03778-2000016 / 03778-2000014, email:

Bomdila, Bhalukpong,

Waterfall on the way to Bomdila

4. Nameri National Park:

Nameri National Park is situated in Assam, contiguous with PTR situated in Arunachal Prdesh. River Jiabhorli flows through it.

Distance: 22k.m from check post.

Ideal for: Nature lover, Jungle walk and angeling.

Special Note: This National Park is the home of large number of Elephants and Hornbills.


Orchid at Tippi Orchid Sanctuary



A butterfly at Tippi Orchid Sanctuary

5. Bhalukpong Fort

The Fort of king maluka was bullet before 10th century. If you have kin interest in historical place then only go there. You will get nothing apart from few bricks and remnants of ring wells of the ruined fort.


The annual festival Nyethidow of Aka tribe is celebrated in January hat Bhalukpung.



What to see on the way To bomdila

  1. Lumum Waterfall:

This is a beautiful waterfall namer after Rani Lumum of Hrussos (Aka tribe). Earlier it was known as ‘Mimjeow Kurtu’ by the indigenous people of this land.

Distance: 5km from Bhalukpung town.

Special note: One will find lots of different species of butterflies here.

Lumum Waterfall, Bhalukpong

Lumum Waterfall

Waterfalls in arunachal pradesh

Lumum Waterfall

Arunachal Pradesh, Waterfall , Nuranang waterfall,Tawang, Bhalukpong, Bomdila

Lumum Waterfall

  1. Sessa Orchid Sanctuary:

This is the most beautiful Orchid Sanctuary after Tipi. There are nearly 200+ different species of Orchids.

Distance: 24km from Tipi and 30km from Bhalukpung.

Orchid Sanctuary, Bomdila, bhalukpong

Orchid Sanctuary


Tippi Orchid sanctuary,

Orchid at Sessa


Tippi, Arunachal, bhalukpong, bomdila

Orchid at Sessa

  1. Tenga Valley:

A beautiful valley on the bank of river tenga.

Distance: 32km from Bhalukpung

Ideal for: Family trip, camping, picnic.


  1. Nag Temple:

There are two beautiful Nag temples situated adjacent to each other at the top of the hill. One may climb up to reach the temple.

Distance: 40km from Bhalukpung

Ideal for: Family trip, devotees.

Special note: There is a market just one km after that temple, Here one will get eateries for lunch.

Bomdila, Bhalukpong

Nag Temple


Nag Temple of Bomdila

Market near nag temple

Where to stay at Bhalukpong:

There are many Hotels in Bhalukpong. Some of them are situated just before the gate of Arunachal and some after crossing the gate. Here is a list of hotels, you may directly call them and ask about tariff. Some of the enlisted numbers may not work in one try, so try them again and again.

Govt. Properties:

Assam Govt. Tourist Lodge; 03782-234037

Prasanti Tourist Cottage: 9954191202

Tourism Project Bhalukpong: 03782-23896/94362 56310

Jiya Bhorli Wild Resort (A project under Prasanti Eco-tourism project), Nameri : 7086722356/8134035456/8822022088/9613268861

Curcuit House (P.W.D) 03782 34424

Guest House (IFCD) : 03782 34424

Forest guest house : 03782 34478

Contact of Assam Tourism Kolkata: 8, Russle Street, Kol-71, Phone: 033 22295094

Private Properties:

Hotel Kameng Inn: 08415028473/08134862829 (I stayed here)

Seagul: 08729932234

Seventh Heaven: 09191707466/08257886792

Mandal Ghang: 08974931557/08794994491

Koshy Residency: 08132936030

Hotel Solu: 03782 22127301

Tashi Yongte: 09436227575

Sangrilla : 09402215664

Payul: 09402062545

Lipang Phudu; 09402638470

Hornbill Inn: 09436069386

How to reach:

Bhalukpong is well connected by road and flight. One can take a car direct from Guwahati to reach Bhalukpong via Tezpur. It will take nearly 4-5 hours. A car from Tezpur will also take 2-3 hours to reach Bhalukpong. State govt. buses of Assam ply between Guwahati to Tezpur, one will get buses from Tezpur to Bhalukpong.

Note: Indian citizen staying outside Arunachal need inner line permit for entry in Arunachal Pradesh.

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