Bardi Pahar : New weekend destination of Bankura

Bardi Pahar : New weekend destination of Bankura

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Bardi Pahar : New weekend destination of Bankura

Bardi Pahar is a brand new offbeat destination of Sarenga block of Bankura District of West Bengal. This place is situated on the bank of river Kangsaboti. This place is basically a small hill which is surrounded by Shal trees. Bardi Pahar is ideal destination to spend a day or two. Bardi Pahar is ideal destination for nature lovers and bird watchers.


 Bankura's new destination Bardi Pahar

Bankura’s new destination Bardi Pahar

How to reach Bardi Pahar :

By Train: To reach Bardi Pahar by train one has to reach Bankura station first. From Bankura station one can easily get buses for Sarenga P. More (Pirgadi More). The bus will cost approx Rs 50 from Bankura Station to P. More. From P. More one have to book cab/toto/auto to reach Bardi Pahar. The resort manager can arrange cab/auto/toto from P. More to Bardi Pahar.

By Bus: If you want to visit Bardi Pahar by bus then you have to reach Bankura or Simlapal first, from there you have to take cab for Bardi Pahar. A direct cab from Bankura Station to Bardi Pahar will cost around Rs 2500 – 3000.

By Car: If you are planning to reach Bardi Pahar by your own car from Kolkata then you have to follow this route starting from Kolkata – Dankuni – Arambag – Kotulpur – Joypur forest – Bishnupur – P. More – Bardi Pahar.

Why the name is so :

In local language ‘ Bara Dihi’ means Big hill. From Bara Dihi it turns to Bardi at present.

What to see and Do at Bardi Pahar :

Bardi Pahar is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Come , stay and feel the  the nature over here. You can visit to the Kangsabati river bed here, can take a dip to the river but be careful while doing that, take extra precautions if you dont know to swim and if you have kids with you.

You can roam around the jungle. The lush green Shal jungle will give you a fresh vibe. There is a Lord Shiva temple on the top of the hill inside jungle. You can walk through there following nature trail.

At afternoon seat and relax at view point. From view point you will get a view of Kangsabati river bed and surrounding jungle. If you have keen interest in fishing then you can try your hand in fishing at Kangsabati river.

Best time to visit Bardi Pahar :

You can visit Bardi Pahar throughout the year. If you are planning in rainy season then you will get to see lots of butterflies here. The forest will be much greener at that time but the road condition from P. More to Bardi Pahar will not be that much good at that time, so you will may face some trouble to reach here during rainy season.

October is good time to visit there. You will get to see lots of Kash Flowers through out the Bankura during October.

Where to stay:

The one and only staying option is Bardi Eco resort. This is a govt owned property but ledged to and run by a local people. There are two type of rooms – double bedded and four bedded. The property can accommodate total 18 heads in a day in two double bedded rooms and three four bedded rooms. Driver’s accommodation is also there. The local authority is trying to build couple of cottages in coming days. All room are air conditioned.

Room Tariff: 1700- 1800 per room

Double bedded: 2400- 2600 per room

Four Bedded: 400 per driver

Driver’s accommodation:

Note: Tariff may vary depending on the season so please contact the resort owner for current tariff.

Where to eat and what to eat :

The Bardi eco resort has only one kitchen cum dining hall. So if you are at bardi pahar you have to depend on them for food. The nearest local market is 10 K.M. away from the resort. Food are average in taste and price are also reasonable. You will easily get foods like rice, dal, sabji, bhaja, chicken, mutton, egg and fish here. Don’t forget to try the famous posto preparation of Bankura. You will get Shal pata pora chicken here. Chowmine, Noodles and different kind of cold drinks are easily available here.

Bardi Resort of Bankura

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

From Bardi Pahar one can visit many near by places like –

Mukutamanipur : This is a beautiful tourist attraction of Bankura, the main attraction of Mukutmanipur is Mukutmanipur dam on the river Kangsabati and Kumari. Mukutmanipur is situated 30 K.M. away. to reach Muutmanipur one has to follow Bardi – Bhanga deuli – Khatra – then after crossing Dedua canel bridge turn right and follow Mukutmanipur road towards your destination. If you don’t know the route don’t worry you can rely on Google map to reach here.

Read more : Mukutmanipur Travel guide with all hotel information.

Sabuj Dwip : This is another popular tourist destination of Bankura. Sabuj dwip is situated on a stone throw distance to Bardi Pahar and on the opposite bank of river Kngsabati. Though Sabuj dwip is situated on the opposite bank but as there is no bridge here on the river Kangsabati, one has to go there via Raipur, which adds another odd 35 K.M.

Route to follow to reach Sabuj Dwip: Bardi – Chiltore -Sabuj Bazar bus stop – then turn right for Raipur road and straight upto Pairaguri bus stop – just before bus stop take right turn and follow the road to reach Sabuj Dwip. You can rely on Google map here.

Jhilimili : Jhilimili is situated 50 K.M away from Bardi. This place is surrounded by Shal trees. You can enjoy tree house staying experience here. Though on a general note these tree houses are not like the ideal tree houses, these are made of concrete. From Jhilimili you can visit Talberia Dam, Sutan forest, Mayur Jharna, Kakrajhore, Kuilapal forest. Google map is smart enough to find out the route for Jhilimili.

How many days require:

A day or two is enough for Bardi Pahar. If you are staying two nights then you can also visit Mukutmanipur, Sabuj dwip or Jhilimili.

How to make your plan:

Start early from Kolkata then follow the route of Dankuni- Arambag –  Joypur forest (You should take your breakfast here at Banalata resort) then post breakfast start and follow the route of Bisnupur- Taldangra- Simlapal to reach your destination. Check in your room, take some rest, have your lunch and at afternoon visit view point and roam around the jungle. Night stay at Bardi.

Next day visit Shiva temple following nature trail, take your breakfast then move forward to Mukutmanipur/ Jhilimili/ Sbuj dwip. Stay to night there.

Next day start early for your home.

Booking details:

Sanjoy Pathak (Booking manager) : 6294754849


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  1. We found the accommodation there absolutely below standard. Bathroom was awful. Not recommended.

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