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Andaman Travel Guide

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Andaman Travel Guide

Andaman Travel Guide

Simplified Andanaman Map

Facts about Islands where tourists can visit

Havelcok Island – Havlock is the most popular and developed island.

 Staying option: Guest Houses, Hotels (Both Govt. and Pvt.)

Popular Beaches: Beach number #1 to #7(Radhanagar Beach)

Accessibility: This Island is accessible by ferry from Port Blair.

Note: Motorbike is available on rent.

Ideal for: Family trip, Sunset Watching, Water sports, Honeymoon couple.

Andaman travel guide


Neil Island – Second most developed after Havelock,

Staying option: Guest Houses Popular

Beaches: Beach number #1 to #7(Radhanagar Beach)

Accessibility: This Island is accessible by ferry from Port Blair.

Ideal for: Family trip, Sunset Watching, Water sports, Honeymoon couple, Hangout

Long Island –An unexplored Island.

Staying option: Guest Houses, Hotels (Both Govt. and Pvt.)

Popular Beaches: Lalaji Bay and Guiter Island(Nearby Island)

Accessibility: This Island is accessible by ferry from Port Blair(regular basis), Havlock, Rangat.

Note: No car, auto, bus is available.

Ideal for: Family trip, Nature lovers, Water sports, Honeymoon couples, Hangout, Camping.


Neil Island

Little Andaman – This Island was devastated by the tsunami.

Staying option: Guest Houses (Pvt.)

Popular Beaches: Netaji Nagar,

Accessibility: This Island is accessible by ferry from Port Blair

Note: No car, auto, bus is available.

Ideal for: Family trip, Nature lovers, Water sports, Honeymoon couples, Hangout, Camping.

Others :

Some islands are off-limits or only allow day-trips. There are ways around this, mainly by hiring local fishermen to take you places. These islands include Avis (not very beautiful, but charming nonetheless, accessible from Mayabunder) and Smith (extremely beautiful, with a beach every bit as good as no.7 on Havelock, accessible from Digliapur).

List of Place of Interest :

Port Blair-Cellular jail (day visit +light and sound show), Samudrika, Sagarika, Chatam Saw mill, Japanese bunkers, Corbyn’s cove beach, Mini zoo, Central Agricultural Research Institute, Anthropological Museum, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park-Jolly buoy, North bay, Ross island, Vipor island, Chidiyatapu.

Interesting Activities: Sea Walking(North Bay), Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Sunset watching(Chidiyatapu)

Andaman travel guide


Havelock-Vijayanagar beach, Govindnagar beach, Elephant beach, Kala pathar beach, Radhanagar beach.

Interesting Activities: Sea Walking, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling,Sunset watching(Radhanagar beach)

Neil-Laxmanpur beach, Bharatpur beach, Sitapur beach, Howrah bridge.

Interesting Activities: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling(Bharatpur beach), Sunrise Watching(Sitapur beach)Sunset watching(Laxmanpur beach)

Baratang-Lime stone caves, Mud volcano, Parrot Island

Interesting Activities: Nature walk,

Andaman tour guide


Photo by : Derek Keats, Creative Commons Attribution Licence

Rantang-Dhani nallah for Mangrove creek safari walk ( can also be done at Sabari, Yerata, Near Maya Bunder). Amkunj beach.

Interesting Activities: Nature walk,

Diglipur-Ross and Smith Islands, Turtle nesting.

Interesting Activities: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling

First steps to Planning itinerary

Andaman travel guide

In case of Planning itinerary it is always important to decide what all you want to see, how much time you want to spend at each place, what are the activities you are interested in (snorkeling, scuba, sea walking, water sports etc), where you wish to do these activities, how do you wish to hop from an island to other, what is the rough time taken for journey between the places etc. And also to keep some buffer time as always.

As Andaman is popular for water activities , you should first decided about the activities and where to do.

Likely 1)Sea walking at North Bay

2)Snorkeling at Elephant (Havelock) and Neil , Jolly buoy was kept as optional

3)Scuba at Elephant (Havelock) and Neil.

Make a list of Priority on places of your interest.

There are two ways of planning a trip

Sunset, andaman


Photo by :Steven Belcher, Creative Commons Attribution Licence

#I-If you have fixed the number of days for your trip, try to fit in the places you want to cover (depending on at what speed you want to cover), plan the itinerary. Just see what you or your family/group enjoys. Is it nature? Activities? Simple relaxation.

#II- If number of days is not a problem, then make list of places and activities you wish to cover with division of time for each taking into consideration of travel time. Then see how many days are required, and then go ahead. It all depends on your individual choices what you like may differ from others.

andaman travel guide

Boat at Andaman

To avail tour operator services or not?

• Some problems of managing everything self, they are: Enquiring, booking and confirming hotel bookings, especially at different places and remote places.

• Booking ferry tickets especially if you are likely to move around the places, that too need to get tickets in advance by standing in queue.

• Getting permits to travel to certain areas.

• Booking tickets for visits to cellular jail, Light and sound show, MGM park etc (standing in queue for long)

• Arranging for boat tickets for visits like Jolly buoy, Lime stone caves, Parrot island etc.

• Arranging for travel vehicle (Road).

• It is better one decides whether they need somebody to coordinate there (a person or a tour operator).

You may not need them

• If your are visiting one or two places (Like Port Blair, Havelock and Neil).

• You have enough time to make all arrangements which is possible if you can spend some time before and during the trip.

• You are perseverance.

• If your itinerary is routine.

You need somebody (Person or tour operator) to do things for you if

• you are visiting distant places like Diglipur

• Have no time to make arrangements.

• Wish to be worry free. But make sure that The itinerary is as per your choice and not as per their convenience. The person or the tour operator is genuine and is approachable. The prices and the hotels are acceptable to you.

Suggested Itineraries:

Andaman tour


Day 1 (Portblair)

Your home to Portblair

Cellular jail

Flying visit to corbyn’s cove beach

Light and sound show at Cellular jail

Day 2 (Portblair)

Wandoor MG marine park -Jolly buoy-Snorkeling

Sagarika visit

Day 3 (Portblair)


Fisheries museum

Ross Island

North Bay -sea walking

Chidiya tapu-Munda Pahar beach-Sunset

Day 4 (Bartang)

Portblair-Bartang-Lime stone caves

Parrot Island-sunset

Day 5(Kalipur)


Amkunj beach

Dhani Nallah

Moved to Diglipur-Kalipur

Turtle nesting visit

Day 6 (Kalipur)

Sunrise-Kalipur beach

Ross and smith Islands

Mud valcanos

Sunset-Diglipur jetty

Revisited turtle nesting site

Day 7(Rangat)

Sunrise-Kalipur beach


Day 8(Havlock)

Rangat to Havelock

Walk along Havelock beach towards beach 3

Radhanagar beach-sunset

Day 9(Havlock)

Sunrise-Havelock beach- Walk along Havelock beach opposite side of beach 3

Elephant beach-Scuba diving

Revisite Radhanagar beach

Day 10(Neil)

Sunrise-Havelock beach

Havelock to Neil-Bharatpur beach-Snorkeling

Sunset at Laxmanpur beach

Day 11(Portblair)

Sunrise at Sitapur beach

Howrah bridge

Neil to Portblair

Anthropology museum

Revisite Sagarika

Day 12 Rest-pack

Portbalir to Your Home

Important Places of interest with details

andaman travel guide


Photo By: Matsography, Creative Commons Attribution Licence

Cellular Jail

Ticket Needed

Timings: 09.00 to 12.00 and 2.00 to 05.00

Closed on : Monday and Indian public holidays.

Tel: 03192-230117

Light and Sound show at Cellular Jail:

Voice: Amarish Puri (Indian Actor)

Hindi show on: all days at 06.00 pm

English show on: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.00 pm.

Note: Photography and videography of the show is prohibited

Jolly Buoy

Trips to Jolly Buoy and redskin alternate every six months.

Entry permit is needed, can be obtained from tourism department (Indian Rs.50/-, foreigner Rs.500/- . Boat charges per head Rs.750/-

Closed on :Mondays.

Note: Plastic free zone Have to collect water bottle from ticket counter for some token money. (Note: You don’t get a drop of drinking water at Jolly Buoy)

First Boat starts for Jolly Bouy Island: around 09.30 -10.00 am

Time takes for the entire Jolly Bouy trip (starting from Jetty and returning back): around four hours After returning from island you can take your lunch at any restaurant near Wandoor Jetty

You should go for Extra Paid Snorkelling for better experiences. Bring lot of sunscreen lotion as the sun is really hot and sharp unless you wish to be tanned.


Popular for unusual marine life Timings 09.00am to 01.00 pm and 02.00pm to 05.00 pm

Entry fee: Adult Rs 10/-, Children Rs 5/-

Closed on :Monday and Indian public holidays.

Aberdeen jetty

There are various water sport activities available.

Ross island

Closed on :Wednesday and public holidays.

Entry fee: Rs.20/- and Rs.10/- camera fee.

Andaman travel guide

Coral Bay

North bay

Sea walking is a must to do here.

North bay-Sea walking For more information and direct booking…r-seawalk.html

Chidiya Tapu-Munda pahar beach

It is 25 km from Port Blair

Good place for watching sunset in Andaman.


Jirkatang is around 40 km from Port Blair. Jirkatang is the starting point of convoy to Bartang.Portblair to Jirkatang will take around 3 hours. From Jirkatang on the vehicle will not suppose to stop till you reach middle strait (49 km), which will pass through thick forest in which some jarawas live.

Note : Kadamtala is 28 km, Rangat is 71, Mayabundar is 141 and Diglipur is 203 km from Bartang

Convoy departure timing: 6 am, 9am, 12pm, 2:30pm

Lime stone caves:

Speed boat charges for the separate exclusive boat would be Rs.2500/-(to and fro with guide). Individually, it may be 300-400 Rs. (To and fro with guide).

Have to walk around 2-2.5 km through dense Mangrove forest from Nilamber Jetty to Lime Stone cave and return.

Parrot island

Place for watching Parrot at the time of sunset.

Amkunj beach

This is at Middle Andaman. This is an eco-friendly as most of the arrangements like for sitting, dust bins are made of locally available wood. There is a emerald blue view point.

Dhani nallah

Popular for Mangrove walk through long wooden bridge.

Ross and Smith Island

There are no staying facilities at Ross and Smith

Boat fee: Individually they may take Rs. 300/-, Separate boat may cost around 2500/- to 3000/-. boat charges for trip to Ross & Smith

Mud Valcano at Shyam Nagar

Follow directional board to see best part of Mud Volcano

Note: There are no toilets, no stalls. So please carry everything if you plan to go there.

How to reach Port Blair

By sea -Ship services are available from Kolkata (Calcutta), Chennai (Madras) and Vishakhapatnam.

-There are three to four sailings in a month from Kolkata and Chennai.

-Usually there is one sailing from Vishakhapatnam in a month.

-On an average it takes 3-5 days depending on weather conditions.

By Air -It is connected by air from Kolkata (Calcutta), Chennai (Madras) and Bangkok


Foreigners need to take restricted area permit (RAP) on arrival at Port Blair from immigration authorities OR from any of the below

*Indian Mission Overseas,

*Foreigners Registration Offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata.

*The immigration authorities at the airports at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai , Kolkata. Please note

*The permit is usually given for 30 days, can be extended another 15 days with permission. Those who are keen in staying longer that this need to leave the Island and can re enter with same formalities after 72 hours.


Playing with fish

Photo By: e.t ,  Creative Commons Attribution Licence

About Booking

1. If you are going in peak season it is wise to pre-book.

2. If it is not in peak season (Dec-mid Mar) you can go without booking. You’ll get a number of cars at the airport and can bargain. Autos are also available in the Port Blair town and in Havelock and are cheap. Cycle, scooters and bikes are available on rent too.

3. Getting ticket for Havelock and Neil are not a problem in the off-season. If you are not going to these islands in the same day of your arrival, you can take the help of the driver of the car or Auto you use for the day. They’ll charge a per head commission.

4. Getting ticket from Havelock/Neil counter is not a problem.

5. Only problem is getting the ticket from Rangat to Havelock. Many islanders travel in this route, so it does not depend on tourist season.

About Accommodation:

1. If you are not looking for very luxurious accommodation first try to book the Andaman tourism guest house/resorts. They are the best in that budget. A private property with same facility and service will surly charge at least 50% extra.

2. The Teal House at Port Blair and Dolphin Resort at Havelock can be booked from the Andaman House in Sector-5, Salt Lake. Rest can be booked from Port Blair. For booking these you may also to contact an agent at Port Blair.

3. If it is late and it is not possible to get the tourism guest houses, there are a number of hotels available in all the places. Unless it is peak-season it will not be difficult to get a hotel.

4. Apart from hotels accommodation is available at Port Blair Ramakrishna Mission (location is nice and we all know the ambiance

For Booking Govt. / Forest / PWD guest houses

1. They don’t confirm your bookings till just before 3-4 weeks of your booking dates.

2. You need to send them fax or an application hard copy to the contact details.

3. Some of their Emails don’t work so check carefully.

4. They respond to your calls /queries but cannot help in confirming your booking in advance

5. Even if you send the application earlier you need to remind them again just before four to five weeks.

6. It is not that difficult to get the accommodation in Govt. guest houses.

7. If you know somebody in Andamans, they can coordinate.

8. If some VIPs arrive at that time, their preference over rides all your bookings, they are known to arrive unannounced!

Ferry booking Indians

1.Govt. ferries can be booked two days in advance.

2.ID is required. -You can send somebody / Hotel person to book tickets.

3.Private ferries can be booked much in advance

4.Peak season surcharge of Rs.100/- i.e. levied for all private ferries from 15th Dec to 15th Jan.

Ferry booking Foreign Nationals

1.Cannot book Govt. ferries in advance.

2.RAP (restricted area permit) is required for booking tickets.

3.You can send somebody to book tickets with your RAP

4.You may have to contact Private ferries for advance booking.

5.Foreign nationals cannot book seaplanes / Helicopters also in advance.

Makruzz catamaran and coastal cruise advance booking

1.Anyone can book Makruzz catamaran and Coastal cruise 15 days in advance.

2.Either you can call them or drop a mail.

3.As mentioned earlier Govt. ferries can be booked two days in advance.

Makruzz Link: Coastal cruise Link:

Comprehensive schedule of ferries between Port Blair, Havelock and Neil – collected from various sources

Andaman Ferry Service

Andaman Ferry Service

Port Blair – Havelock 06:00 Govt 150 min

Port Blair – Havelock 07:30 Coastal cruise 090 min

Port Blair – Havelock 09:00 Makruzz 150 min

Port Blair – Havelock 11:00 Govt 150 min (Via Neil)

Port Blair – Havelock 13:15 Coastal cruise 090 min

Port Blair – Havelock 14:00 Govt 150 min

Port Blair – Neil 07:30 Coastal cruise 165 min

Port Blair – Neil 13:15 Coastal cruise 180 min


Havelock – Neil 09:30 Coastal cruise 045 min

Havelock – Neil 09:30 Govt 045 min

Havelock – Neil 15:30 Coastal cruise 045 min

Havelock – Port Blair 08:45 Macruzz 090 min

Havelock – Port Blair 09:30 Coastal cruise 090 min

Havelock – Port Blair 14:00 Govt 150 min

Havelock – Port Blair 15:30 Coastal cruise 150 min

Havelock – Port Blair 16:00 Govt 150 min (via Neil)


Neil – Port Blair 10:40 Coastal cruise 080 min

Neil – Port Blair 16:45 Coastal cruise 075 min

Neil – Havlock -Either by Govt ferry (as above) or Private boats

Note: -The schedules of Makruzz and Coastal cruise are fixed.

-Please check for any change in schedule of Govt ferries before final planning from The Directorate of Shipping Service. Andaman and Nicobar Administration, Phoenix Bay Jetty, Port Blair. Ph: 03192-2405555/245555 / 230480

Some useful links:

If somebody wants to know about more accommodation options at North and Middle Andaman, following link would be of great help which has contasct numbers too. Try this at Kalipur for stay, really nice, I stayed there. To know about Andaman – All govt transport information including booking form Bus schedule to travel locally to different places and also to other places from Port Blair Information on Govt guest houses, forest guest houses,home stays with contact numbers Another site for accommodation Govt, etc Inter island (Govt) ferry services (Rangat, Neil, Havelock section) Inter island (Govt) ferry services (Diglipur and Mayabunder section)


  1. Duration 10 days, March 2019.3adults.What will be the cost ( approximately)?

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog.
      The cost will depend on the type of hotel you are staying and the kind of water activities you wish to o there. If you stay in budget hotels and do most of water activities then cost should not go beyond 25-30k.

      • Does it include airfare?

      • Kindly provide some reliable tour operators name phone no, for Andaman Visit.

  2. I like to visit Kashmir dated
    17th June 2018
    I am Bangladeshi.
    pls give me some information about Kashmir

  3. We,3senior citizens (2:husband,wife + 1male relative), desire to visit Andaman, from 14.11.18 to 27.11.18.Itenerary may be – PB 1night, Hut Bay 1night, Diglipur 2nights, Rangat 1night, Baratang 1night, Neil 1night, Havelock 2nights, PB 4nights. Or as you decide better.
    Arrangements to be made for accommodation & transport. Food to be taken by us, as per requirements.
    Kindly let me know, in detail, cost per head, e.g. – accommodation, transport & airfare from & to Kolkata.
    Any other information.
    M 9433440765.

    • Sorry we dont arrange any package tour. I can guide you to make your own plan.

  4. Addition to my comment sent just now.
    We are not interested in water sports. We shall prefer to stay in Govt. Tourist Lodges .
    At PB, we desire to stay at Ramakrishna Mission Guest House.
    Debashis Bose.

  5. Will u b pleased to explain how did u calculated Andaman @1000-1200/- per day which will be extremely helpful to me.

    Awaiting ur reply

  6. We are planning a tour to Andaman from Kolkata in October 2019. We wish to visit Mayabanbar, along with other important destinations. Kindly help me to plan a day-wise itinerary. Are there any local reliable tour agent in Port Blair? Kindly share their contact, if any. Thanks.

    • Sorry. A typo…Oct 19> October 2010

  7. Thanks bro…for the resourceful information…
    But I have a Doubt ……What will be the cost?
    for Andaman Travel



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