The Day I Flew

The Day I Flew
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The Day I Flew (My Parasailing experience at Mandarmani, W.B)

I heard a lot about parasailing in Goa,Kerala but when I came to know about parasailing in Mandarmani, I was eager enough to experiencing it. Parasailing is nothing but a recreational kiting activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle which attached to a specially designed canopy wing that reminds one of the parachutes, known as parasailing wing. The activity is primarily a fun ride.

In Mandarmani there are two types of Parasailing offered. One is over the beach and other one is over the sea. I did the first one (Over the beach).

Now as for the flight itself, its best to show it to you in video form. Are you ready? Well buckle your seat belt and then click ‘play’ on the video below! Let’s get flying.




Parasailing Time:  5min

Parasailing Cost: 1000/ head

Parasailing Tips:

>Know the weather forecast.

>Learn about the equipment well.

>Make sure you discuss how to communicate with guide along with technical terms.

>Always wear life jacket and helmet.

>Learn about parasailing safety procedures.


My thoughts on my Parasailing Experience:

You have already seen my reactions and emotions during this flight in my video. Throughout the flight, I was feeling pure joy and ecstasy. It was incredible looking down from the top, seeing myself floating above the Earth. Being up in the air, flying in the glider, made me feel tiny. It made the world feel tiny , given that everything (and everyone)  was just beneath my feet. Up there in the sky, nothing matters. All you experience is purity and serenity.


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