Nathang Valley Travel Guide

Nathang Valley Travel Guide

A comprehensive information on Nathang Valley

Nathang is called Ladakh of East Sikkim. Nathang valley is locally known as Gnathang Valley is situated at an altitude of 12,700 feet above sea level. Nathang village is one of the remotest Tibetian habitations in Eastern Himalaya. Here one can experience chilled wind waves blowing all around. Nathang usually remain snow covered from January to April. This time the whole valley become white desert. Govt. of Sikkim is planning to start skiing in winter. This village is one of the part of Old Silk route which connected India with China.


What to see :

Durga and Krishna Temple : There are two temples standing side by side. Vibrant colour of these temples is very eye catching in this arid region.

Frozen Pond: There is a frozen pond just behind the Durga temple. Brahmin duck is a common species spotted here certainly.

Buddhist Monastery : In the extreme right of the valley there is a small Buddhist Monastery.

British cemetery: At Nathang there is a small British cemetery at the end of the valley .This is the highest point of Nathang valley. You will find some old grave here.

Dafter Bungalow: In early days when the silk rout was open, Dafter Bungalow was used for custom duty collections but later this bungalow was renovated by the depertment of Tourism,Sikkim Govt. The original bungalow was built in 1920. There are three rooms and two of them are attached with bath and fireplace. No electricity is available here so generator is only source of power supply.

Sunset Point : Just opposite to Dafter Bungalow there is an old building, come just front of the building this is the ideal place for watching sunset from Nathang valley. One will find the hiding gradually under thick cloud.

Nathang Valley Travel Guide

Snow Covered Nathang Valley

Nathang sight seeing :

Zuluk Loop: Zuluk is famous for its incomparable loops. There are approx. 30 loops in this zig-zag path.

Ganek : Ganek is the sunrise point in Zuluk.Start early in morning(4:00 am) to reach Ganek and catch glimpse sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjungha.

Nag Temple: This cave like structured temple is dedicated to Nag Devata(Snake God). It is locally believed that this temple is formed naturally through a crack in a giant sized rock.

Thambi View Point: At an altitude of 10,500 ft this view point is ideal place to watch panoramic view of zig-zag Zuluk loop with Zuluk village. Kanchenjungha is also much prominent from here.

Lungthung : Lungthung or Dhupidhara is at an altitude of 12,500 ft from sea level. You will also find some home stays here. This is a popular spot for spotting Monal(National bird of Nepal).

Tukla Valley : This is a war memorial built to commemorate the death of British soldiers, who died at the battle of Tukla.

Old Baba Mandir : This temple is build in the honour of Sepoy Harbhajan Singh. This temple is well maintained by Indian Army (cloud warrior regiment ). On the top of this temple you will find Harbhajan Singh’s bunker.

Kupup Lake: Kupup lake is locally known as Hati lake for its Elephant like shape. This lake is surrounded by high hills.Beside Kupup lake you will find an Ice Hockey field and a golf coursr at an altitude of 13020ft.

Kupup Valley : Kupup is a small valley situated at an altitude of 13900 ft. From Kupup Lhasa(Tibet) is only 520 km. You will even find a signboard mentioning distance with direction here from Lhasa.

Jelep La : In Tibetan language ‘Jelep La’ means lovely level pass. this is a mountain pass between India-China. This pass is situated at an altitude of 14300 ft. This is the last point of old silk rout from Indian side. In Tibet side this pass lead to Chumbi valley(in Tibet). This passs is closed after 1962 Sino-Indian war.

Menmecho Lake : Menmecho Lake is situated at an altitude of 12500 ft. This lake is located 20 km from Chhangu Lake.This is a stunning beautiful lake surrounded by rich forest. This lake is famous for its Trout fish.

Tsomgo Lake : Popularly known as Chhangu Lake. This lake is 1km long, 50 ft deep and oval in shape. This lake was created by the melted glacier.

Nathula Pass : Nathula is the gateway between India and China.This pass is open for Indian nationals only on Wednessday, Thrusday, Saturday and Sunday.

Nathang Valley travel Guide

Kanchanjungha-From tukla Valley

Best Time to visit:

Nathang is accessible through out the year but keep in mind winter in Nathang is severe. During winter Nathang faces high snow fall and freezing temperature.Due to snow fall some times the road remain closed for few days. In summer the picture is completely opposite.Summer is wet and foggy here. During summer Nathang and its surrounding hills remain covered with different kind of grassy blooming rhododendron flowers.

Nathang Valley travel Guide+Tour Planner Blog


How to Reach :

To reach Nathang one have to take a car from New Jalpaiguri(NJP). Podemchen is the entry point of Silk rout. For Silk rout one has to collect pass from DFO,Podemchen and this pass is available from morning to 4 pm in a day.For Nathang one should stay one night at Zuluk then in next day start for Nathang.


Nathang Valley travel guide

Sunset From Nathang Valley

What to eat :

Basic food is available here. You should try Momo and Sikkimese Local recipe here. All the foods are served hot and home cooked. Chicken and egg is available here. Masala tea is also a good option.


Nathang Valley Travel Guide

Ruddy Shell Duck at Nathang Valley

Distance Chart from Nathang(approx):

Siliguri- 165 km.

Gangtok-90 km.




Nathang valley travel guide

Nathang Valley Birds eye view

Last few years winter condition :

2010- Nathang was inaccessible by car from December end to April.

2011-Nathang was accessible by car till mid January

2012-Nathang was accessible by car till first week of January.

2013-Nathang was accessible by car till early December

2014-Nathang was accessible by car till first week of January.

2015-Nathang was accessible by car till second week of January.

2016-Nathang was accessible by car till third week of December.

2017-Road towards Nathang was blocked on 2nd week of December geopend again 3rd week again blocked from 1st week of January.

2018-Nathang was accessible by car till second week of January.

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  1. Please provide the staying options. The homestays in silk route.

    • You will find ample amount of home stays in every places. So don’t worry about it. Just search on Google.
      In case of Nathang i will sugeest you to book Daftar Bungalow.

  2. There is no direct share car service from Njp or Siliguri to Nathang, for Nathang you have to book a full car from Njp. The route should follow Njp-Kalimpong-Aritar-Zuluk-Ladakh.

    • Thank you. But if I want to stay only in Nathang and no where else, then which do you think is the best place to stay on the day we reach NJP

      • Frankly speaking it not possible to reach Nathang from Njp in a day. You have to spend one night in between. So it will be comfortable if you stay one night at Zuluk or Aritra.

        • Yeah that’s what I wanted to know. So, can I reach Aritar or Zuluk on the day I reach NJP? Thanks

          • Yes ofcourse you can reach upto Zuluk but please start early from NJP.

  3. Want to visit Nathang Valley on 20/10/18 ( 3 family members, 1 Room AB)

    Please give me the information in detail pickup from NJP and drop NJP. Total 5 days tour ( No sharing)

    • Sorry I dont have contact number of Travel Agents.
      But i can help you out to make a good plan.

  4. Total tour ta plan korar jonno kono reliable person er nam suggest kore dile bhalo hoi

  5. Helpfull.How maney days will be required to complete the all sights of silk route?



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